Untitled Goose Thread

There was a thread a while back about games that create comedy through their mechanics. This game has it in spades. The animation and the phenomenal work on making the score sound dynamic make just playing the game pretty damn funny. Slapstick antics are what this game does (without the awkward input/control setups that a lot of other games that generate comedy because of their mechanics rely on). I love it.

I’m ready to commit to the argument of how hitman is about killing the absolute richest untouchablest worst people on the planet, so twitter people trying ride some high horse about how nice the goose game is in comparison cause it’s about being an amusing nonviolent jackass to regular people is some liberal disneyland morality nonsense


i think ppl on twitters morality is so warped and black and white that it simply because the goose does not kill

the game is the switches best seller right now, links awakening is second I dunno if i have feelings about it yet


there is a small ranch, i think, with goose and chickens around.
when i pass nearby the goose keep screaming at me, after a lot of years of that, i decided to put my finger to them to bite me.

didn’t actually hurted somehow, and the bite me once and stopped, another bited, and stopped.
and they just went do to their goose thing

PS: don’t put your fingers to be bitten by goose, dunno if portuguese goose are less dangerous or not.


Trust no geese

Source: https://twitter.com/jplur_/status/1179806452334116865

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Just played this from end to end, really enjoyed it. There’s one postgame task I can’t quite solve though.

Decorating the bust with outside objects. The glasses and hat were pretty easy (I’ve got the old man’s woolen hat and the boy’s glasses) but I can’t find a mouth item that the lady will accept. I’ve tried the pacifier, toothbrush, even a couple flowers. What am I supposed to bring her?.

Weird, the pacifier worked for me

Right, that was a bug. Pretty much all the stuff I’ve enumerated would have worked, but didn’t until I restarted.


you can get a goose on your shirt dressed like geese if that’s your thing


well then


If you train an AI on ten thousand Christmas carols, the goose kills Jesus and shakes the stars.

(From a weirdly unlinkable Janelle Shane tweet)


waddling back to see this tableau and wondering what the deal is before proceeding with the game made the final To Do reveal pretty amazing Gud Job Goose Makers


honestly kind of offended this got an IGF grand prize nomination when it’s just simplistic pretentious hitman

It was fun and sharing it with my friends was a joyful experience, I don’t really care that a game about murdering people had similar mechanics first


Getting to play as a goose makes it better than any and all hitmen


but it’s… less joyous and a less complete game in every way

it just makes me realize how little credit hitman gets

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“it’s like Hitman but better” and “it’s just Hitman but worse” are both weird takes

Goose Game can riff on Hitman and not also need to be an absurdly full-featured action stealth game. as a treat.