Untitled Goose Thread

I’m in the camp of I enjoy the game and all the pop culture works it has spawned. Its very chill and pleasant but I kinda wished it pushed the stealth or puzzle elements a bit more. Part of the charm is that any failure states are very soft and easily recovered from. I think the biggest criticism I would give it would be the to do list. I kinda wish it tried a bit more to guide the player through its design. I’m the kind of player when given tasks I will be line to complete them rather than explore more naturally.

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I’ll be honest in that I am tired of the pop culture it has spawned and am waiting for it all to blow over for whatever the next thing is. I am doing my best not to hold this against the game, though I haven’t played it yet.

i like it when the videogame pop culture of the day is geese and not fucking rainbow six operators, or overwatch characters, or other shitty gun men

so i hope it takes longer to blow over because i really dont mind this instead of sigmas feet or some sick headshot video

like fanart of all these violent chars putting down their weapons to chase a goose makes me happy


Yeah, true. I think I have done a pretty good job of removing most of the gun men types from my life, so having the re-intrusion of this type of game meme stuff is just like a reminder of that, if that makes sense. This is totally personal to me, and I don’t hold it against the game, but yeah.

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To be fair though, this is exactly the type of game designed to spawn a lot of meme stuff, so if it seems to be getting too much too soon, the game is not entirely blameless

I just saw JFK recreation in goose game style. Ok, I might be ready for it to stop now.

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I haven’t seen any of these memes or whatever and I had a lot of fun being an asshole goose

If other gamers got you down then just be like me and only expose yourself to games content on selectbutton where we are perfect and only enjoy the right things in the right way


If only that were an option in my life.

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yeah no kidding! everyone around me plays videogames (mostly on their phones) but the venn diagram of games we like are in the asscrack of a pair of too tight jeans

its the same with movies and music! like id love to go a couple days without hearing some song from the avengers in a meme or some bigot artist with their new album art plastered all over the city! selectbutton is a nice island of good taste though


Continuously glad I chose a profession filled with normies who have never heard of any of this shit


yeah def. nothing problematic in legal


my main goal in life was to set myself up somewhere that I was the most reactionary schlub I know and I made it

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I didn’t choose this life. This life chose me.

Or I liked reading fiction too much in college and then writing jobs were basically all people thought I was qualified for. Funny thing is that a lot of writers drive me nuts. So now I am also surrounded by tech people, who make me prefer the writers. It’s great!

Don’t worry, most of the people here haven’t heard of a lot of the shit I care about. Even the game nerds didn’t know Battle Garegga.

I guess what I should’ve said is “constantly glad I got to choose my profession” because most people never get the chance


This game is really, really funny.

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I was mostly joking, no worries. This is my penalty for being a complete slacker about thinking about my future in my teens/twenties. In my defense, I was pretty well convinced I would be dead by now (mostly due to my depression but also my body being an overall shitshow of problems).


There was a thread a while back about games that create comedy through their mechanics. This game has it in spades. The animation and the phenomenal work on making the score sound dynamic make just playing the game pretty damn funny. Slapstick antics are what this game does (without the awkward input/control setups that a lot of other games that generate comedy because of their mechanics rely on). I love it.

I’m ready to commit to the argument of how hitman is about killing the absolute richest untouchablest worst people on the planet, so twitter people trying ride some high horse about how nice the goose game is in comparison cause it’s about being an amusing nonviolent jackass to regular people is some liberal disneyland morality nonsense


i think ppl on twitters morality is so warped and black and white that it simply because the goose does not kill

the game is the switches best seller right now, links awakening is second I dunno if i have feelings about it yet