Unofficial Alternate Soundtrack


this kinda rules

Robotron X + Fat Of The Land

Do you have a perfect game / music mashup you’d like to share?

A games / Music story?

This is a cool lie but Warios Woods X Textual Dirty South Still Life deff happened at some point in 2006


This isn’t cool but it’s extremely 1996: I cannot for the life of me separate Pilotwings 64 from The Wallflowers “Bringing Down the Horse” or the sound of mosquito trucks going by on summer evenings.


This one is much weirder and a consequence of two concurrent interests being mashed together without regard for complementation, but:

Twisted Metal x Presidents of the United States of America

It works, in its own weird way


I can chill with this Pilotwings 64 X The Wallflowers “Bringing Down the Horse”


Welp, that instantly made me more emotional than I thought it would!


It hit me and its not even my memory


Remember how some PS3 games let you replace their music with MP3s on your PS3?

I played a lot of Bayonetta to the The Last Days of Disco soundtrack and that kind of ruled.


Bayonetta X The Last Days of Disco OST


I painstakingly replaced all the music in devil may cry 3 PC with sunset rubdown tracks that I cut to loop in just the right way


Titanfall + Neotokyo OST


I’m not saying this works or anything but this is pretty much how I played this entire game

Crackdown + Trials of Van Occupanther


Also not saying it works or reflects the game but I will never forget the experience of Skies of Arcadia + Nerdcore like MC Frontalot & MC Chris/Pee Pants + insert credit + summer + being young


Chess + Manuel Göttsching - The Private Tapes
DOOM (1993) + Flaming Lips - In a Priest-Driven Ambulance
Wave Race 64 + Seaside Lovers - Memories in Beach House
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time + Various Artists - The Rugrats Movie: Music From the Motion Picture
Gex 64: Enter the Gecko + Fastball - All the Pain Money Can Buy
Forza Motorsport + Interpol - Turn On the Bright Lights

these are all canon


Love the album, never thought of combining it with a chill racing game


the one that i actually just did in the game:

  • Black + Andrew WK’s I Get Wet

the ones that happened because i bought the album and the game one the same day and needed to multitask:

  • Skate or Die 2 and Smashing Pumpkin’s Siamese Dream
  • Doom 2 and NOFX’s Heavy Petting Zoo


Heh, y’all should see the deplorable YouTube pop playlist I used for Clustertruck

This is all I’m showing


Oh man, I just remembered when I had a short power metal phase in high school. I was listening to Touched by the Crimson King by a band called Demons & Wizards. It’s really hard for me to calculate, in retrospect, just how many layers of irony I was operating under. My buddies and I would crowd around the unfinished half of my basement, which my older brother had converted into his bedroom, some sitting on a sofa, others on the bed, and at least one on an exercise ball, and we would blast the album while playing Halo 3. It was a good time, my friends.


this album is pretty terri-great!


Black + Get Wet

meauxdalbushido af
Wave Race 64 + Seaside Lovers - Memories in Beach House
~wow this is nice~


This is good, but the best thing about that game was the Xbox media integration that started songs right when levels started, and the quiet beginnings always lined up really well with AWK openings before the full chaos came out.

RIP OG Xbox Custon Soundtracks.