Underrated videogame music

that’s Chef Boyardee’s baby, I won’t hear this slander

the scene you’re talking about doesn’t play as well on an internet undergoing atomic-grade irony attacks, though I assure you it’s played ironically

i think i just got tired of “pop culture icons carrying firearms” in like, 2008. this was probably peak “pop culture icons carrying firearms” but still

Ranch or Cool Ranch

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tbh it’s entirely possible cboyardee thinks the Dilbert vids are shit now too

iirc he privatized or deleted his own videos to avoid them exploding into big memes and the only reason we can watch them now is bc other people archived them (against his wishes? maybe? who knows)

They aren’t shit though

Actually they’re good

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Light Crusader (Aki Hata)

Black Tiger (Tamayo Kawamoto)

Deadlock had some real good music, even if they were weird short loops. Probably my favorite sci-fi/alien world music outside of what I’ve heard from Mass Effect

Doesn’t get much more underrated than this motherfuckers. I’m the obscurantist’s obscurantist.

Oh yeah check this out: The PC version of this had lower quality music, so I somehow found a mac version and converted all the songs to MP3s, and uploaded them to Soundcloud. Should probably upload them to archive.org for permanent storage, really.

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Winter Gold FX by Jeroen Tel (1996, Europe only)

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The Animorphs game for Game Boy Color has a fucking BALLISTIC soundtrack. It sounds like frenetic, abrasive breakcore. I’m kind of into it.


I was just listening to this soundtrack again. It’s some really nice work.


mmhh that flanging

heard this in the IC podcast; not sure how popular the game ever got


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A few minutes ago, I was driving between a notary public and my favorite hamburger place when a song from my random playlist grabbed my attention and I had to check what it was. Of course it was from

It was this one:


Here’s another song that might be considered underrated. I remember returning to Dwayne’s room often just to hear it, and also playing a MID file outside the game. Of all the versions people have uploaded, I think this one sounds the closest to how I remember it in the game.