Under the covers



@toups are you ashamed you left this band before you had the chance to be featured on the Onion AV Club’s legendary AV Undercover youtube playlist???



actually I feel like a dodged a bullet bc that cover is really bad. I mean it’s like the worst possible song for that band to do, they did about as good of a job as they could have, but it is so bad.

the band I’m currently in got to play world cafe a few years ago, which isn’t necessarily “cooler” but definitely less embarrassing.

I do miss playing with brass bed a lot and their new record is excellent.


Toups I just was fuckin with ya

When is Feufollet touring in goddam Baltimore

EDIT: Oh! I meant to tell you. The other day a big college radio station around here that’s affiliated with NPR and whose tagline is “Radio For Music People” played a Feufollet song and I was like I KNOW THAT GUY! It was a weird moment.


thanks not thanks for reminding me of the AV Club thing, I’ve been stuck in a youtube hole for hours

this is the only one that is better than the original

it takes awhile for it to pay off but it’s worth it


does this mean I’ve made it

where are my royalty checks and marriage proposals

surely they will come in any day now


as far as baltimore goes: idk man, things have been pretty slow, and my days with the band might be limited as I “pursue a real job” or whatever


All I hear is a bunch of lame excuses


yeah that’s what being a musician is mostly


What is this depressing real job you’re referring to



web developer



I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Screaming Females. I’ve been listening to Ugly about once a day for about a month now. They’re incredible.


Nice! TBH I don’t know anything about the band, but that is a very good cover

cross posting this from the things that get you pumped up thread, this is one of my favorite covers of all time, it fully transcends the ‘folk cover of a metal song’ kitsch






I need to stop posting kid videos but I just couldn’t help it