TV Party


Yeah the thing for me is, the movie was enough. I don’t think I need more of that. And I recently re-watched the movie, before I knew there was a show starting soon.

But I am totally fine that other people enjoy more.





This is essentially a pilot for I Think You Should Leave and is great (surprised Netflix hasn’t taken it down yet):


That was like the first thing I went back and immediately watched after ITYSL lol

it’s rougher but there are still so many good bits

gotta find a way to trick everyone into watching Detroiters the sitcom from the same team


I dunno if anyone here watches Billions it’s a show about terrible rich people. Anyway, S3 E1 had a 10 minute long sequence where one of the characters is on an RPG Straw-Millionaire fetchquest (that has a fairly funny payoff at one point), and I felt like one of the show writers must be one of My People



god if they get to make that fucking confederate war show lol


Going full Trogdor on the place was about as good as it’s ever managed


I thought last night’s episode was fine, considering the previous episode was near a complete waste and there wasn’t enough time to finish the series this season, to begin with.

The last episode is gonna be real crunched, though. What a bummer.


There really was a lot of good stuff in this episode. I’m liking it even more, as I think about it.


you know after the twilight zone and weird city and love death robots the straightforward corniness of late period black mirror actually seems…refreshing is too strong a word…mildly comfortable in lukewarm kinda way


as a total outsider to the series the fallout from this GoT shit is both hilarious and tiresome

I’m glad this exists though it gives me a good perspective on my own embeddedness in Marvel/Star Wars stuff


oh heckin’ freak yeah

as one of the only people who loved WW s2, I very much look forward to this


this trailer was a huge trip for me, a person who thought this was a show about robot cowboys


Westworld has some fumbles most of which are imo when being too gratuitous and repetitive on storytelling beats, but more than half the eps are amazingly done. They did manage to land a very big “clean slate and move on” from the setup of the first season, then unfolding and kind of inversion with the second.

It is kinda like HBO felt they could cover more cyberpunk ground, and with any series WW was setup for it. Abeit grounded much more in an apple clean sterile tech way, ya know like ours lowkey.


jesse still can’t catch a break, huh

i hated s1 actually, so if the followup was divisive, maybe i should pick it back up …?

GoT spoiler


So I thought the end of Gramophones was adequately satisfactory

But I also thought the end of Lost was pretty good, so my opinion is probably invalid


Gotta be Futureworld, obv.

But the real question is when does this all take place in the timeline.


the last season probably had a few more actual good plot points than the 7th, but at the end of the day you had to desperately want to appreciate them in the abstract because they were almost all incompetently telegraphed and surrounded by garbage

Benioff and Weiss have a considerably weaker grip on good storytelling than, say, Riverdale