TV Party


I’m not even watching yet (strange margarita mixes atm) but it is known

Current GoT writing reminds me a lot of playing a rhythm game



on its own merits that episode wasn’t nearly as bad as the last batch

but that they had to move heaven and earth to reset the table like that cheapens it just a little


wow veep is so bad now jesus lord


you can’t go home again to 2014 when these both seemed fun and competent


So many quick reacts being upset or hating the writing, compared to last episode’s glory kill bookend for the supernatural looming threat.

But this was at least more in step with the overarching conflict between characters and manifesting one’s destiny vs good of the people type business. Even if pacing goes from slow and developmental to sudden rugpull in under a minute. It just sticks out more when pressed for time. Yeah I liked this one a whole lot more.


it’s definitely still fairly bad at this point but I didn’t spend half of it wishing I was doing something else so give it exactly that much credit and no more


When the dialogue isn’t overly crude but still pleasing some fan expectation, as it tries to keep tone with the motivations or background of characters from earlier on, I’ll go so far with credit to be happy it doesn’t completely fall off…if they are aiming to land a “respectable ending” whatever that could be.


i read an article about how got suffers from fullmetal alchemist syndrome and it makes sense


I haven’t watched FMA so I wouldn’t know, but I feel the problem with GOT is more that they are trying to adapt a book series that spiralled so far out of control that the author himself has been stalling for like, 15 years to try to hide the fact that even he has given up trying to untangle all those plot threads


the best thing to come out of got is the reinvention of jerome flynn


basically as the first adaptation of fma got further than the manga, it got clear that the writers behind the adaptation werent able to give things the ending they needed or even steer the plot properly with where character arcs should go so it ended with that team giving it their own ending that satisfied nobody and confused everyone


I was satisfied with it, though that was me 13 years ago and I haven’t revisited it since. I also liked the Brotherhood version as its own separate beast.


The original FMA anime was like, the quintessential “we caught up to the manga and had no idea what to do” storyline for me. It just was in way too deep, with no clue where the author was going with it.

Brotherhood was done after the manga was finished and it’s probably one of my top 5 anime for how well-done the full story is. Real satisfying ending and everything.

GoT at least is in a position where all they really feel like they have to do is conclude every storyline GRRM set up, without adding any new ones of their own.


Last night’s GoT episode was absolutely horrible. Which is a shame, because it did have two or three decent moments. But, mostly it was the typical "oh we’re out of time so now we gotta write characters 2-bit or even out of character, to get stuff done.

And then the two big shocker beats of the episode were not earned at all.

Last night’s episode reminded me a lot of Season 2.

The ending will be the ending. However, there is gonna be a lot of fan lashing about how they could have done a much better job of getting to that ending.


my mate reckons Theon has some big trans vibes. i’ve only ever watched one episode outside of this season so i have no idea, but do you have a take on this?


I don’t know how well I can gauge that when it comes to the showrunners or GRRM’s intent behind the character, but have to ask - have neither of you seen much before this season, or know his background?

Because in a sense, that’s very relevant to Theon. If you know why well then I’m just being overly careful about it. In his original…eagerness to be recognized and prideful, he did some absolutely horrible things to hold ground, and then got put through a grinder (by someone far worse but in a way with similar personal plights). I feel like I shouldn’t elaborate, like I’ll get it twisted unless you know his history.


oh wait i thought this was @thizzlamaphobia sorry haha

cool though! guess i’ll maybe actually watch or read this one day


into the badlands was fun as hell and i’m mad there’s not more

at least they got to basically end it on their own terms


jesus christ what we do in the shadows had wesley snipes and tilda swinton and evan rachel wood and danny trejo and paul reubens as part of a vampire council “as themselves” because it turns out that everyone who plays a pop culture vampire is an actual vampire lol


That’s the first thing to make me want to watch it since the ads made it look like a warmed over version of the movie (which i mean i guess it has to be at first at least)