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I think the author’s making the point that that’s the philosophical universe the show has constructed for itself at this point


I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is kind of blowing me away with the weird low key brand of creativity in their sketches. It’s hitting my exact sweet spot for some reason.


Game Theory of Thrones


The Supernatural season finale was pretty damned wild.

Even for a show as straight up heretical as this one, revealing Chuck/god as the Actual Big Bad takes some serious brass.

Edit: Motorhead’s “God Was Never On Your Side” playing during the climax was :ok_hand:


I don’t know anything about this show aside from it being on the air almost as long as Gunsmoke but this wiki is fucking wild


I mean been there



the episode with the Fred Willard organist sketch is just start to finish fantastic


The episode where he’s revealed to be god is called ‘Don’t call me Shurley’ Revealing that his name was a decade old joke waiting for the chance to get a punchline.


i guess i have to watch Detroiters now?

Kind of shows you how dire SNL is that they couldn’t make comedy with this dude


The war with the dead being over in an evening after harebrained scheme after harebrained scheme fails utterly only to be redeemed by aria jumping from the microphone boom to pop Ice Maul like a balloon … is amazing. How can you not love that?

The show has been absurd for so long now I cant get people getting riled over it continuing to be dumb.

We are in DND town now. Aria rolled a 20 on back stab from 100 yards away. John is failing every intelligence check. Literally anything could happen.

I wonder if the missing elephants is an effects budget joke.


GoT Spoilers!!!

I think it really just boils down to the Night King standing and walking and standing some more. He’s pretty cool looking and has been built up for seasons. And when his moment came----they didn’t do anything with him, or the other White Walkers.

For a show which can often hit hard and fast-----some times they try to do these romantisations of characters, but its always lame. I mean, I guess (actual guess) they wanted to portray the Knight King as so powerful and observant, that he could just walk through a huge battle and go untouched. Walk through Dragon fire. Walk all the way through a castle, to the back woods. And walk right up to the person he wants to kill. In contrast to every single great fighter in Westeross, struggling their asses off, all around. So wow, the Knight King must be amazing. I guess that’s what they wanted to do. But its dumb.

And then: Theon should have fought through a couple of White Walkers, to then be killed by the Knight King in a short duel. But instead, they threw Theon to symbolism, I guess. Its like when The Mountain shoulda been killed by that Dorn guy. But then they made the guy turn and do WWF style crowd hype. its insulting to the viewer to go to lengths to create tension and then break it in the lamest ways possible.

P.S. I love Aria and I love that she killed him. Its the moments leading to that kill, which sucked.


Can’t wait for Thrones to end, for the curse to lift


It’s worth it for all the takes pwning the writing though
Thanks everyone


finally a mona sax tv show


They already have a prequel series greenlit. And they are heavily investigating an additional series, which may or may not air at the same time?


wild that this is the direction they went with carmen sandiego


That’s fine, I’m not being fooled again is all
No shitty closure to crave


this season of at home with Amy Sedaris is very special


that paragraph cut had me on the edge of my seat until i realised it probably says “piss off”