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ok maybe hardhome was better but i’m pretty sure that one had half an hour of talking heads before Fight Time

on the other hand i did somehow forget that last night’s was ninety christian minutes long


every season has one (1) Big Blowout Episode where they go all-out on the effects budget and dwell on the one place where they really get hammered by Bad Stuff. There was We Don’t Have Enough Money To Do All The Book Stuff But Here We Are And We’ll Have A Bunch of Green Fire At King’s Landing. There was the one where the Night’s Watch was getting attacked at the Wall. There was the one where the Night’s Watch and the wildlings wind up fighting the Army What Is Dead and retreating. I remember the last one because it had a good shot in it.

No, I mean it.

Jon Snow, Esq., He Who Smelt It and Also Dealt It does this whole exhausted stumbling thing across the snow with his longsword out (:wink:) swiping at bad dead mans and it becomes a long panning shot of the whole fucked up situation. Nice (digital) magic hour moment that really sets the scene. Good work. They did it.

edit: yeah, I think that as hardhome

This season they have 6 episodes and probably more money than ever so they can make That Episode and have it be 80 goddamn minutes long with the first 25-30 outside the goddamn walls where they should have been in the first place.

I’m not going to a tedious point-by-point critique on this episode’s depiction of the fictional defense of a fictional castle against a fictional siege from fictional necromantic beings with a fictional convenient weakness to a fictional material that bears a resemblance to one in our own world but

I will say that there were ways to do what you are saying given their apparent resources and technology level (and the models the show creators are working from) that don’t involve Big Lord of the Rings Lines out in an open field smashing into one another. Also reasons why those Big Lord of the Rings Lines are actively counter-productive. I thought of these idly in as much as three minutes when my life was definitely not on the line.

There was a Dramatic But Doomed Cavalry Smash followed by Big Lord of the Rings Lines that Sometimes Look Totally, Instantly Overwhelmed but Mostly Don’t It’s Just Snatches of Big Old Fighting followed by Big Retreat followed by Burning Ring of Fire followed by OH NO THEY DONE DID IT! followed by You Know Like In World War Z followed by Instant Absolute Chaos Everywhere because they were following a Dramatic Template for their Battle Escalation and that’s fine, I get it, it’s the sort of thing you do, it’s just

Kinda lazy and boring and I’m going to complain about how stupid it is because I’m not otherwise entertained?


Eh, that was an important moment to remind us of who Daenerys is and also to let Sansa know (see: Iron Throne). And Daenerys is pretty awkward, due to her weird and sheltered life of being on a pedestal with tunnel vision for the Iron Throne. Her only way to connect with another woman is to declare that they are women.

*I wish Daeny was a more complex and subtle character. Because that season 1 finale is amazing. But she isn’t.

Is Hardhome the one with the long cut battle scene? Yeah that was pretty great.

I think Battle of The Bastards was pretty darn good for a more conventional, character centric, cinematic, epic battle.


Someone in Westeros should really invest in a Keep with a lock on the doors though.


I can draw the idea? about DBZ stuffs in regards to the aerial, frantic, bombast maybe but I’m curious exactly what’s being referred to. Only a couple moments in this actually seemed that punchy or rapid (unless it’s the dragon grappling and big blasting)

S4 was the last time production and writing felt consistently good or some kind of classy quality-grade, everyone knows why though

Honestly just hoping Qyburn gets a final scene where his lowkey mad scientist-wizard self disintegrates away to some eldritch horror within, a last ditch pull not for Cersei as much as “fuck it arcane-science yo”


Lyanna Mormont blasting Oozaru Vegeta (which was one of the only genuinely delightful and surprising things in the whole hour I thought even if it was a direct lift) and the nightman just walking out of the “oh yeah I’m sure we got him” smoke cloud


shrug straight sweatin Matt Easton itt smdh


I had not watched this video but I’m happy to see that Matt Easton has not become a Huge Dumb Stupid Idiot while I wasn’t looking.


I have to say I really like the fact that he legit uploaded this video before the episode, and at the end goes “clearly they’re not going to sally out of the castle and fight in a big line, how stupid would that be??? wiiiiiiink” and lo, that is (apparently) exactly what they did, as he sarcastically anti-predicted (I don’t know I don’t watch this dumb show)


Ah kinda similar, to me those are more echoing various “badass character feat” moments through the ages (atm gonna call these tropes last gasp deathblow, take a nuke standing). But I see what you mean with the particular setup and framing, I wouldn’t think so but who knows?

Well…I’m not gonna watch a seasons worth of making of materials. Probably.


the showrunners didn’t earn this take, but


Just came here to post that. So good.

She knew better, in fact, than the builders of the Wall, the biggest clowns in the history of this fictional world, who built a completely needless 700-foot ice-and-magic edifice spanning an entire continent when they could have just hired a middle-of-the-pack Faceless Man to shoot a dragonglass arrow into the Night King’s butt a thousand years ago and ended the White Walker threat for all time.


Yeah if ALL the main characters are going to live through this battle, it needs to be so that they can ultimately fail. Otherwise wtf are we doing we really lost the plot on this one.


I do think Tyrion and Sansa is kind of cute but all the other characters can go straight to hell. Jon Snow sucks Daenerys super sucks they can’t kill a main character but they can kill the badass bear island girl fuck this show.



A pretty big thing in the show is that the knowledge about dragonglass had been “lost” over time and looking for it to mine, had also fallen out of fashion. So, there weren’t any modern, known sources for it.

All shitting over tactics aside: The whole reason they won at Winterfell, is because they had Dragonglass weapons (and main characters, Valerian steel blades) which could insta-kill the dead men.

Of course, they can still be resurrected, which we saw. So, even armies of the past, with the knowledge, would have lost. But as I said, it was all about buying time to get the Night King to reveal himself. And he would do that, for a chance to kill Bran. Whom the men of the past did not have.


Now, the whole reason they were able to breach the wall, is because of a horribly written reason, which was obviously devised so that we could easily get to some way to breach the wall. And then we could get on with everything which has now happened. And that was supremely dumb. Because, the Night King was no threat, until that wall came down.

They otherwise would probably have had to establish him as an actual character, to show him figuring some other way. Some ancient forest children magic or something, to dispel the magic of the wall. But the forest children and whatnot, is another aspect the show dropped the ball on.

They’ve spent so much time on politics and little chracter developments, they pushed that stuff aside for a long time. I honestly think they glossed over the forest children, fearing they would seem “stupid” to people who like the show for is grittyness and “mature” feel. As the forest children are basically cute little elfy fairy things. But I dunno. They showed us one, one time. and it was rather abrupt then brushed aside.


Judging by the rest of the show the way to get the Night King to reveal himself is to offer him a chance to strike a fucking pose at a dramatic moment.

Throw a fashion show anywhere north of The Wall and announce an open casting call for models to wear your Forgotten Kingdoms + Fierce Looks The First Mans line and see if that dude doesn’t show up.


Craft him a lightsaber, because he looks like Darth Maul.


Anyway, this show has had large chunks of real dumb, since Season 2. So, I dunno. Its a bummer they never really figured this thing out. But it also has had large chunks of good and real good.


Some good points about the silliest aspects of the show but the conclusion of the article is like saying the betrayer in a prisoner’s dilemna is way smarter, because he always ends up ahead of the others