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You vs wild is the interactive FMV Netflix version of Man vs Wild.

Most notably it is the Most Videogame Thing. Bear Grylls in nature talking to the camera, presenting two choices to the player: river or forest? Log or vine?
The first choice was the best: « We only have room for one more item! Do you want the grappling hook or the slingshot? » (I loved this so much)

How does the show reconcile being a light goofy choose your own adventure game with also being a realistic nature survival experience? The answer is: it doesn’t and everything feels fake as hell

I couldn’t tolerate it for more than 1 episode TBH but kids would probably love it


Way way late but the gag where he goes over to her place for the first time, finds a hitachi wand plugged into a string of xmas lights on the sofa, and says, “you’re a festive masturbator” is one of my all-time favorite sitcom jokes.


yeah there’s a lot of stuff like that in there that I really like that I feel like no one has really committed to getting on TV before but I still found too much of the first few episodes I watched too grating


Bear Grylls is a poser, Survivorman or bust


oh damn there is recent survivorman


Not that I know of. Unless that is a comment rather than a question in which case, link yo


i mean, i thought he stopped in like 2008-9 for good before just reading the wikipedia page and there’s more and i never knew about it


yeah it definitely helped that i was living with some friends who were deep into the show at the time i started it, i don’t think i would’ve got past the first couple episodes either

hey i started Killing Eve and it’s funny? also Santa Clarita Diet at some point became to me what Parks and Rec is to a few people i know i guess. it’s just like, very snappy and people try to be kind to each other. little too het maybe but do it goes


the first season of killing eve is fantastic, super tense and great

I haven’t watched the second yet b/c I felt like they rushed it into production without PWB but people seem to like it so I’ll probably give it a shot


oh what no PWB? ok thanks for the heads up. watching this has definitely given me another reason to find a way to watch Fleabag


they’ve already hired another showrunner for the third series and that’s actually softening me on it, I like “lots of people get a kick at the can” more than I do “phoebe wasn’t available but we wanted to keep making it”




You might alreads know, but PWB has co-writing duties on Bond 25.


I heard! It’s just a funny choice as she’s like the anti-bond! Very enthused


looks so good. “murdering, thieving cocksucker”: tears in my eyes, music to my ears.




two and a quarter episode into the last season of gameathrones and jon snow has still not had sexual congress with a literal dragon + they’re using siege weapons defensively but not commencing the shooting of said until cavalry is actively charging the enemy which they don’t even have clear range on because it’s dark so they get off one projectile from each then it’s over, they’re useless, they set up a bunch of trebuchet for one lob each, jesus


probable production reasons for having Big Climactic Battle-Type Scene commence outside the walls of Giant Castle:

-you don’t have to account for the geometry of Giant Castle when planning much of Big Climactic Battle Type Scene

-fewer visual effects shots

-less complicated visual effects shots

-…thus cheaper visual effects shots!

In-Fiction reasons for leaving Giant Castle and engaging Massive Overwhelming Army of the Dead on Open Plain instead of from Walls of Fortification:



it was very bad