TV Party


I wanted to enjoy Terrace House, but its emphasis on who was gonna get together with who really put me off.

I did enjoy the commentators though. Already being a minor You fan almost kept me around.

Maybe I’ll give it another shot some time. Idk.


The show definitely puts a big emphasis on dating that can sometimes feel a little artificial. The weird thing about it though is that they’re really not totally committed to it. The show will sometimes bring on people who are already in a relationship, and nobody expects them to go on any dates. There will be times where nobody in the house is trying to date each other at all, and the show doesn’t try and force it. This kind of looseness in its commitment to its premise is something I admire about it compared to, like, any other reality TV.


Definitely Shion though, I think he’s the only half-American with notable emotional intelligence


what we do in the shadows is very faithful to the tone of the movie and i guess i don’t mind them retreading some plot ideas because it’s such a great vibe. plus they are adding in new concepts to the “universe”. matt berry as an immortal pansexual dandy vampire fish out of water is so perfect

glad to have a new hangout comedy after so many shows i’m watching are ending this year


Has anyone else watched Timeless? It is dumb as hell but that makes it kind of charming. It’s like faux prestige quantum leap and the ridiculous reasons they keep coming up with to time travel to meet celebs of the past are hilarious


I fucking loved that show. It’s real shlocky but the cast is stellar and some stories are legitimately great.

It tragically got canceled, then revived for a season 2, then canceled after season 2, then revived for a two-hour finale, then at last fully cancelled. C’est la vie…


Yeah it has this really bizarre tone where moment to moment it feels super dour but then in retrospect the plots are just perfect nonsense. E.g. Assassins from the future are plotting to kill JFK, so let’s kidnap him as a college student and take him to the present, where he can flirt with girls at house parties. In a moment of peril they cut to a shot of a 50 cent piece as the face changes from Kennedy to Nixon. It’s hilarious


I’d say the weakest parts of the show are the procedural and like, CSI stuff that sometimes happens in the present. It’s weirdly serious and dour, and thankfully that’s mostly limited to a few episodes and scenes. As much as I love how batshit the JFK one was, watching the police track down a guy in the present day is not what I come to Timeless for.

I think the thing I love the most about this show is how woefully and unabashedly unqualified these three people are to travel through time. They are constantly meeting people in history that are way more competent and knowledgeable than they are, and a majority of the time the Lifeboat crew have to just middilingly BS their way into the good graces of someone who knows what they’re doing. The one where they meet “the lone ranger and tanto” is easily my favorite of the series.

I also adore how wreckless they are with the timeline. Wyatt almost has his modern-day pistol reverse-engineered on three different occasions, an event that would be unfathomably disasterous on the level of World War 1. The crew get in messy shootouts where historical figures get offed constantly. I’m pretty sure Edison gets shot in the head in that show. It’s wild.

I do wish they’d tried to do more with the timeline changes, but, I guess this wasn’t really meant to be much more than a fun adventure. I’d love it if they were constantly changing history and the present throughout the show, and nobody, themselves included, knew a thing was different, because that’d always been the timeline for them.


Edison was a cop anyway


i guess i just watched all of You’re the Worst

it was better than a show about a couple of terrible straight people had any right to be, but i’m still not sure about the ending. the choice of song for the final montage was v cute though

also that one episode about combat PTSD in the middle of like season three was really good? like completely out-of-the-blue Decent TV about trauma


Fleabag’s ending was great

and I’m actually a bit sad about the Grand Tour ending, it’s only since like their second season on Amazon that they finally quit (or edited) the casual racism and the laddishness to the point where the show was enjoyable without making me wish I weren’t watching it


Everytime I see Terrace House I can’t stop thinking about how Baba and You are at the exact perfect place and they just need to call Tokui « Is » once
Come on


My X-Files rewatch became a hate-watch 2/3rds through the second season, so I guess I’m good.

I’ve come to the opinion that Fox Mulder is an insufferable prick and also kind of an idiot, despite his reputation as an FBI wunderkind.


I think Fox is good at his job but his methods are on the surface highly wack-a-doo; so no one likes him. Thats why hes in the basement working bigfoot patrol.

I mean I cant imagine a gun toting federal enforcement agency not being mostly pricks.

Given how mean and shitty the conspiracy nut world has gotten (thanks infowars) going back to X-files has got to be weird af.


Deus Ex had the same problem; the fun trenchcoat land of 2000 just isn’t as fun anymore. You could see a really drastic change for the AM radio conspiracy nut between the better-than-it-should-have-been 2011 redo and the oh-god-no 2016 game; he couldn’t be ironically-correct but became half-woke?

like AA-member Alex Jones, having lost 100 pounds, bags of skin hanging off his arms,
he always speaks with preternatural calm.


Oh man I’m so ready. I rewatched the first Season semi-recently and man it was good. The twist at the end is pretty amazing.


it’s still hilarious and incredibly tone deaf that the revival seasons mostly tackled this by making mulder into a crotchety old man about the good old days of conspiracy theories and making the fake alex jones basically correct in a series of epiodes called “my struggle”


I goawd I think I blocked that out. I just remember MUSH-ROOM
I’m glad Gillian Anderson has issued a firm NO on further X Files stuff.


Knausgaard reclaimed it as specifically about harmless self righteousness, it’s OK


Prepare to Die?