TV Party


Good panel quote from one of the later episodes of Opening New Doors:

Her eyes are saying, “I will end you, idiot.”


I watched two more episodes (4&5) with the panel this time, and why I started liking it at first, they really crossed the line from funny to outright mean and this is killing off the good vibes of the show

Their attitude as 40-something celebs piling on an immature but ultimately still nice and respectful 19 year old kid was just straight up bullying

There’s already enough crushing social pressure between the residents TBH


It took me a while to warm up to them (Reina & You first; Ryota last) and I still think they are being unduly harsh or fanciful or repetitive a lot of the time, but they’re also good at cutting to the core of things sometimes and pointing out some social nuances I miss otherwise

Re: your specific grievances… give it a few more episodes


Sometimes the hosts can be a little mean, but overall their vibe tends toward the positive. Despite occasional exceptions, they usually only really harshly dunk on someone when they’re doing something that deserves a good dunking.

Tokui is my favorite panelist. He has the most on-point analysis of social situations, and I love it when he and You bounce off each other and create these elaborate magical realist fan fiction scenarios about the housemates.

Ryota is the one host who really delights in meanness, but he’s really funny, and the panel usually pokes fun at him when he gets that way.


Break out the canned peaches, Johnny


i watched the first few episodes of the Haunting of Hill House or whatever, and i’m pretty sure i’ve never seen this, but it all so far seems very familiar.


hey dr jacoby from twin peaks is a therapist in hill house.


tonight’s fleabag was really getting unfair


into the badlands continues to be at the extremely rare exact level of stupid and fun that i love and i’m so bummed it’s going away


I think this half American boy on Terrace house is going to do some terrible things


reality show pitch: Terrorist House


Everybody already thinks that’s what I’m saying when I tell them about the show anyways.


mo atta keeps leaving the dishes out


Osama keeps trying to hide his shameful hentai game collection


thank you for joining me on this riff


this guy is on an emotional intelligence power trip


which half american boy

There’s like 6 dozen half-american guys who go through Terrace House




Documentary Now is even better now that there are episodes without Fred Armisen


I still think Terrace House is super problematic (wow @ how everybody talks about Mayu) but now I love the panelists and am addicted to all these super awkward relationships. Help

My brain has been auto translating everybody’s « So. So so so so so » to Jake Peralta’s « Cool cool cool cool cool » and it makes everything look even more awkward if you can believe it