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I love Steve Coogan so much


So the latest AniMature (what I’m dubbing Love Death + Robots) has some good episodes and some stinkers so far. Best of the bunch has been Suits (sucker for giant robots and farming) and Sonnie’s Edge (strong support for its themes) while Three Robots failed to be interesting and slammed out an out-of-nowhere climate change awareness monologue and The Witness is more concerned about NSFWing the audience than having a plot.

EDIT: Delving deeper into this, it appears the stinkers all suffer from the same problem: they don’t know how to tell a story. They’re fragments, missing the beginning or important details that the climax hinges upon. I guess they’re hoping the rated-M shock value is enough to distract their audience from noticing?


Me and @Flylighter watched the first one last night (Sonnie’s Edge) and it mostly elicited a shrug (not an ironcupshrug, that’d be a whole different thing)


yeah there’s some neat animation but that show feels real generically edgelordy

edit: it’s video game cutscenes the series basically




@OneSecondBefore terrace house is on some bullshit right now





I haven’t gotten to Opening New Doors yet because my gf and I have been making our way through the super long first series, Boys X Girls Next Door. I can’t wait to see this new madness though!


btw, if anyone wants fansubs of that first series, google Tecchan House. It’s super good (though starts a little slow because they don’t introduce the hosts for a couple seasons).


Opening New Doors has been like eating a secretly gross peach, the first 1/3 is wonderful, in the 2/3 you start thinking “huh, this is wobbly”, and at the end, “oh no the pit has disintegrated and I just ate some”

I have a few episodes left though

BxGND looks very good from the terror house clips I’ve caught on the odd Tuesday, is there a good spot to grab them all apart from torrents or is that the best bet?


Oh god, please tell me Opening New Doors is at least better than Aloha State, where Guy and his cactus were the only thing getting us through for a good portion of it.

The way I got all the episodes was one-by-one torrenting them from the links Tecchan House posts, but there are probably torrents that collect the whole series by now. A bunch of episodes (maybe all?) are on Dailymotion too, but sometimes they mute the music to avoid copyright takedowns.


But yeah, we’re pretty far into BxGND (second to last season, and then we get to watch the movie). I would say it’s definitely at least as good as Boys and Girls in the City. There are more genuine and weird people in it than any of the later series, probably because the show hadn’t found popularity yet. You don’t see people just going on there to promote their lame lifestyle brands. So far there hasn’t been anything as surreal as the Meat Crime, but there have been moments of high drama that we found seriously moving, like, tearing up at them.

Tecchan, Daiki, Momo, Seina, Oji, Miwako, and the girl whose name I forget who’s obsessed with Doraemon are all some of my favorite people to ever appear on the show.


Though, on second thought, more surreal even than the meat crime is the moment in Next Door where a major American celebrity (Taylor Swift) shows up.


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Guy and his cactus were the only thing getting us through


I actually started watching Terrace House yesterday. (opening new doors)
Shion rules.

I skipped all the commentator panel parts. Is that allowed


Yes but you shouldn’t, they are the reason to watch


The first third is really good, then it slowly slips to somewhere near latter-day Boys & Girls in the City


The panel is absolutely integral to the show, they are hilarious and insightful.


I think the bassist was something of a silver lining for the final third.


Yes, he is a sweet and hornily romantic man