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A reasonably even series! A good feeling of moderately uncomfortable about existence as things slowly go sideways. Alan was fairly straightforward, Nadia was more convoluted and I haven’t quite grasped how their themes connect.


i mean like, one’s refusing to deal with her past and the other can’t accept his future, right?


I’ve been watching season 2 of The Orville.
It’s basically new episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation.
It’s extremely faithful to the look of TNG. The stars moving past the windows look the same. The space ships move the same way. The sets are lit in a flat 90’s tv way.
It’s TNG in a lot of ways that it really doesn’t have to be.
It’s also simple mostly episodic action adventure morality tales.
It’s TNG in the good way.


I like it but in order to do that I have to skip every single character episode focused on Macfarlane

he constantly ruins his own show


Yeah, casting himself as the captain wasn’t a good choice.


I’m not like the world’s biggest BBC head but a month during which we’re getting new Partridge and Fleabag is truly special


I stumbled into a weird part of twitter called “#AccidentalPartridge” and, as someone with a distinct but probably half-accurate idea of what Alan Partridge is, it basically functions as a showcase for British mediocrity and ineptitude on television and it is very much my scene. I can’t even tell if they are supposed to be specific jokes from the show that people are inadvertently reenacting in real life, or just like… people being comically but not outrageously absurd … it’s so weird



They include:

  1. I’m sad about the retcon, though I get it.
  2. Please have Richard Kind
  3. Please have Anne Ramsay
  4. Please, please, please be good


Bring back news radio cowards


Joe Rogan tho :frowning:


That is precisely why it would be so hilarious. It would be so bizarre

OK maybe if they found a way to do it without paying him


They should just write his character off the show but then have a new character played by someone else who is like a parody of actual Joe rogan


Hire the McElroys to do the new News Radio


Joe on the show was already like a 90s network TV-friendly parody of 2010s Joe Rogan???


Man, NewsRadio revival would be wild. Try hard to get Khandi Alexander and actually write good shit for her and then maybe don’t try too hard to get Jon Lovitz back (or better yet, have him not play Max Lewis, but a fourth guest character).


having Rogan or weird sex pest Andy Dick would be too weird but the characters are too important to the dynamic so obviously we need NewsRadio: The Next Generation with Vicki Lewis as Beth in the Jimmy James role


An even more eccentric Beth as the heir to Jimmy James’s fortune is actually the greatest idea.


umbrella academy has the same energy as southland tales & i’m here for it


I saw something on Twitter this morning that mentioned Neo Marxists and I was like “damn, I want to watch Southland Tales”. Between that and my not-so-hidden love of My Chemical Romance/Gerard Way, I’m saying you have sold me on watching this.