TV Party


finally watching hannibal
it’s kind of bad
though to be fair, i did just watch manhunter


I hadn’t heard of Joe Pera Talks with You, but I watched it over the past week and I think it’s very good. Thanks for mentioning it.

You can download the soundtrack (in WAV format, oddly) here for free:


Bojack is still so good

I can’t think of another streaming series that wasn’t insultingly repetitive after 2 seasons, let alone 5


oh gosh is it out

i’m hype


American Vandal season 2 also came out today and is also great

Praise be to content


I’m so hype about American Vandal. Season 1 was one of the best mockumentary works I’ve seen in a very long time, and that’s a genre I’m always jazzed about. It deftly walks the line between goofy frivolousness and surprisingly nuanced inquiry into documentary ethics.


so like what the fuck is the marvelous mrs. maisel ???


a couple people I trust can’t stand it

my brother in law likes it but he has terrible taste

it’s an Amazon original and those tend to be really overproduced and overdrawn


“It’s a superhero story. Only this time, the protagonist’s object is not to save the world but to find a place in it: to stand up for herself by doing standup for herself.”


This quote from a review has been read in ad copy for like six months on Still Processing, a podcast I listen to. And it’s read in the most precious, laughably public radio way you can imagine.


It’s not either of those things, it’s just a well-produced period piece with a lot of cringe comedy, but the stand-up is modeled after Joan Rivers’


that’s much better than I was led to believe!


(btw I’d really like to watch it but that ad has just been really offputting)


I liked it a lot. Every character is good, some are great, and I enjoyed the comedy.


I enjoyed Cobra Kai.


fantastic as always, cannot get enough

I still adore every character but todd


yeah i’m about halfway through, loving it as much as ever

i guess todd is my least favorite character but i like him


I felt really bad for gina this season, felt like she deserved the main cast’s shit even less than normal

also bummed about less aparna nancherla than last year but what can you do


overall I felt like this year had some absolutely incredible single episodes (like, at least half of them are as good as anything the show has ever done) but I was really not sure about where they left any of the major characters by the end. those last two episodes could’ve gone in a completely different direction.



the sex robot somehow wasn’t as funny as it should’ve been, todd aside. I thought the screwball stuff in the second episode with his other girlfriend worked better.

and they’re usually really good at getting mr. peanutbutter right on the nose but not hanging more pathos on that than the character can handle so to have him fuck up as bad as he did at the end is just a shame.

and I thought that they made the depths of diane’s self-loathing work pretty well except I felt like they’re arbitrarily withholding her relationship with bojack at this point which cheapened that last scene for me.

princess caroline might be my favourite character but for her to have just gotten the baby at the end like that was like… OK? glad it worked out after all?

likewise this felt like a weird time for bojack to go back to the new mexico thing again (I wasn’t even sure about the oberlin bit from a couple years ago) or to cap it on the substance abuse – it doesn’t really scan as a novel move for him unless he’s going to the rehab the way leonard cohen went to a buddhist monastery, the pills specifically are topical but not in a way that lands for the show or for the character. and like I said, I think they hurt gina too much.

lots of ambivalence about the way it ended basically, still adore it