TV Party


I love every character, I love when they succeed and I love when they fuck up

last show I felt this way about was the knick


was already gonna see this for Cillian but Sam Neill too?? huge


Interesting! I saw the first ep. a long ways back but it didn’t really grab me. Maybe I’ll try it out again.


Enjoying Altered Carbon for trashy sci-fi. Judging by how critics are scoring it, don’t read the books and let the future wash over you.


Just in terms of production alone I think Altered Carbon might be the best thing Netflix has produced. I’m enjoying the story as well though, and how the episodes all end on little cliff hangers. Currently watching the seventh, will probably finish the season by tomorrow night.

I want to see Netflix do a Dune adaptation.

Also John Mahoney, the dad from Frasier, died today. He was 77.


Can’t go wrong with strong characterization, especially when one of them is an AI who’s assembled himself as Edgar Allen Poe. I was thinking it was a throwaway reference in the first episode, but my hopes were satisfied when he stuck around and was useful.


Funny you say that because I think the characterization in Altered Carbon is by far its worst aspect.

Like, Angry Cop has nothing going for her other than she’s a cop and is very angry, constantly.

I think it’s entertaining enough as pulpy trash with a coat of cyberpunk paint. The actual sci-fi themes are only treated superficially and it doesn’t do anything interesting in terms of art direction and visuals. The sets look kinda cheap, in fact.

Also, I’m pretty tired and annoyed by the obvious male power fantasy alpha dude stuff by now. But I’m going to keep watching since it’s still not so bad to put me off completely.

Gotta admit that seeing Matt Frewer’s character made me smile.


Maybe you haven’t reached the point where Angry Cop spun up her grandmother in a tough’s body for celebrating Day of the Dead with the family. Or bent the rules trying to figure out why Mary Lou Henchy, not one of her cases, fell out of the sky.

The ending was too neat for my tastes, though, with everyone forgetting one really important detail that sort of deflates the climax.


Not enjoying season three nearly as much, I feel like it’s all been downhill after the lead chose the wrong woman at the end of season two, though the choice I’d rather he’d have made is almost comically on the nose for me.


mixed doubles curling is the best show on tv


Am I the only one watching smut wizards slowly shed its smuttiness?


I’ve been watching Altered Carbon over the last week and only have a couple episodes left, just about where you were at with the 7th episode all about Takeshi and Rei’s past from children to Envoys. Agreed in that it might be the best thing Netflix has done in terms of overall production. Only a couple bits here and there so far have felt cheaper in contrast to the rest and that’s nitpicking.

Never read the book and this kind of cyberpunk amalgamation has been getting tread a lot more recently, but for all the trashy edge that turns some away, it knows when to get goofy or take the concepts somewhat fresher places.


The 1980s Twilight Zone is my all-time favorite television show. Some episodes are mediocre, but the good ones are very good. Some of the old black-and-white episodes are also excellent.

I re-watched the 1980s show when the DVDs came out some years ago. I also listened to the commentary, and for one episode Harlan Ellison just talked about how they tried to get him to do the commentary for free.


another one of the ellison rants in that vein


:heart: you, Harlan.


Tangential but in the same vein, I love this 1982 roundtable between a young Ellison, a middle aged Gene Wolfe, and Isaac Asimov. Amusing dynamic of Ellison deep in character - wearing a leather jacket, talking 1000 words a minute, making arguments with everyone - and Wolfe hunched over in a big tan suit and soft spoken.


Harlan may be a garbage human being but he was always right on about the $$$


I just watched all of the first season of Amazon’s The Tick today. It was a lot better than any of the other superhero stuff I’ve watched recently. I have to watch Jessica Jones still, though, so maybe that will come out on top.


Yeah, there’s a lot I love about the new Tick show. Great actors, great visuals, perfect tone, good variation of location…

I do wish it was funnier, though. I love what it’s doing, and how it’s balancing the tone, but… wish I was legit laughing more than just occasionally chuckling.


Punisher was p. good. Did that thing that I notice with basically all? tv shows where its pacing accelerates the whole way through and the last like two or three episodes dump massive amounts of plot and/or emotional payoff on you but it was still ok. I guess that’s just how people make drama shows now?