TV Party



Though I admit I haven’t been arsed to watch past season 2


yeah i know i’m from California, but i also have to call bollocks on that one Grim


i was pretty into bob’s for a while but i feel like i haven’t now gotten much from it for a few seasons now


No current tv show seems in any way culturally essential so


other than bake off you mean


I can only take your word for that Felix


come on, iPlayer is like the only good thing about your declining empire, dehumanize yourself and face to paul hollywood


bojack i reckon


there is no such thing as “culturally essential”


well yeah no shit


how about that new black mirror everybody


haven’t watched it is it good sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not?!?


I would say episode 1 falls into the “not unwatchably gross or heavy handed but also not really necessary or all that much fun” category like the starship troopers episode from last year


Sometimes I feel like I want to watch the Twilight Zone but the episodes I randomly pick are always THE HUMANS WERE THE REAL MONSTERS ALL ALONG. Guess I should just watch more TNG.


episode 2 is better but more heavy handed and in the “I’m not sure I’m up for an hour of where this is going” category like s3e1


actually no this one is good!


am I misremembering things or was the production team of the last Netflix batch still mostly British? it’s weird having black mirror that’s 100% American


Watched the first two S4 Black Mirrors tonight. The first episode was pretty unremarkable, but the second had scope, and I felt things at the end! They stuck the landing, which is certainly not something they accomplish every time. The beginning of the ep. did make it seem like it was going to be more tedious than it actually was.

Oh yeah, that Ken doll shit in the first episode was pretty fucked up.


Personally, I enjoyed the bonkers “we’re making this shit up as we go” quality of Supernatural’s seventh season. I can see how mid-season eight is a bit of a return to form for the show but I like it best when it’s at its’ most wtf.

Also happy the boys have a batcave now, although I’m sure it will be demolished by the end of the season.


peaky blinders is incredibly great, I can’t believe I slept on it this long

one of the most economical and well-drawn TV dramas I’ve ever seen, puts a lot of the competition to shame

the cinematography alone is worth it

as is sam neill

season one is also very restrained in terms of sex and violence, season two a little less so