TV Party


Thanks, I think I might give it another shot then. I don’t know why I’m so squeamish lately about tv shows, but I like the cast and remember really liking the movie, so I was kind of surprised by how put off I was by the first episode.


I found the first episode of the show really ham-fisted in its use of violence, certainly an insult to the coen brothers’ work, and it took me a long time to go back


I think S2 Fargo is probably my favorite, although S1 has its moments. S3 is easily the weakest and feels way more like a retread (or there’s just diminishing returns on quirky Minnesotan violence).


i kinda like S3 but it has, in my opinion, the goofiest of all the violence


the s2 episode where kirsten dunst and opie are trapped in the cabin with the guy tied up is probably the best episode of the whole show, but I still like season 1 the most


Finally got around to watching the first episode of dirk gently.

I don’t like it.


Any particular reason? I quite enjoyed it, though it rode that edge pretty closely to non-sequiturism. I never read the books either.


Short answer: too much Max Landis, not enough Douglas Adams. A lot of it just grated on me, from the outright terrible treatment of female characters to the level of violence to the title character being a much bigger tit than I remember from the books.

I read the books when I was like thirteen or thereabouts so my memory of the stories are pretty hazy though.

Still, it’s always good to see Miguel Sandoval get a gig.


Oh yeah, and supernatural season 6 is just as garbage as I’d been told but I still find it enjoyable for reasons quite beyond me.

Evil Sam was a hoot.


I’ll always remember, from The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, the concept of zen navigation: you pick a car entirely at random and follow it. “He never ended up where he wanted to go, but he seemed always to end up where he needed to be.” (That’s a 100% paraphrase but you get the idea)


Rewatching all of Babylon 5. God I love this show.

I cannot believe how well they pulled off the time travel arc in season 3. Every callback slots right in to the one-off they did in season 1, and holy shit if it doesn’t have one of the best Lando scenes in the entire series.


the short lived BBC Dirk Gently series was very good, though (the one starring Stephen Mangan)


A lot of the Dirk Gently Netflix show was junk like this, I thought it was fine

Also following random cars is a good way to get arrested


I need to watch that at some point for sure.

I mean, if someone tells me the netflix one gets better then I’ll check out the rest of it. There was some stuff I liked but the general tone and lack of agency for any of the female characters left a bad taste. No slag on anyone who likes it, just maybe not my cup of chai.


Todd’s sister has a narrative that increases her independence to her brother (and I guess eventually from herself too) while rightfully calling him out on his bullshit. Bart does get an arc and character growth beyond “kill Dirk.” I don’t remember much about Farah, unfortunately; it’s been something like a year since I last watched the show.

The damsel in distress as a dog was not a good choice, though.


That’s cool.

It was the woman chained to the bed, struggling to get free and screaming for help that made me go yeah I don’t think this show is for me


Right, yeah, that’s Farah. She… really doesn’t get much to do in the early episodes for some reason. Her eventual escape was to show off how seeming unconnected events surrounding Dirk gets things moving towards solving a case but they definitely failed there in hindsight.


stranger things season 2 is terrible

like, a total mess compared to the first


I thought it was just…fine, pretty much the same reaciton I feel like I had to the first season. The CGI is even more distracting with the monsters in this one though.


the first one nailed every single emotional beat and was exactly as sparing with the tone and setting as it had to be in order to succeed as a pastiche

this one is relentlessly cackhanded

like I’d have been better off playing someone’s mugen of jareth the goblin king vs. perfect cell