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Clearly, I need to pay more attention to Loki’s recommendations


Just started season 5 of SPNTRL.

I love the fact that every season finale since the second one has shown the brothers failing spectacularly at whatever goal they had that season (keeping the demons locked in hell, keeping Dean out of hell, preventing the apocalypse, etc), and that failure providing the narrative thrust for the next season . It’s clear that the show doesn’t take itself seriously at all and I find that refreshing.


And now I’m almost to the end of the season and I kind of like the fact that the show is now just open self-parody, which, given the ludicrousness of the show’s premise, works for me.

It’s like a soap opera that just keeps getting crazier and more ott as it progresses.


Ah, so you got to the episode where they enter our universe and get mistaken for the actors that play them on the show? Or the one they get stuck in a revolving series of different TV show genres?


The second one. But the first isn’t any kind of spoiler because i figured they’d go there eventually.

These kinds of shenanigans would bug me if it were any other show but there was a high level of winking self-awareness all the way back during the first season. So i dunno, it just seems like the logical progression.

Basically, the goofier and more ‘meta’ the episode, the more i enjoy it. It’s the High Stakes Drama episodes that make me roll my eyes and want to watch something else generally.

My favorite of the bunch is probably still the episode where the brothers become PA’s on a horror film set, having myself worked in the industry for several years. Some of that shit is too, too true.


ive gotten completely caught up with The Good Place and it’s a very cute and charming show. it was created by one of the co-creators of Parks n Rec & Brooklyn 99 to give you an idea of what kind of character-based sitcom you’re in for.

if you like that kinda stuff, i’d recomend checking it out, but i cannot stress this enough: if you currently don’t know anything about the show, do not look anything up or read anything about it. just watch it from the first episode, in order.


wanted to thank whoever told me to jump back into bojack after the first few episodes; I cannot believe how good it is & how long I missed out on it because I was turned off by the first two I watched (which was apparently a universally held opinion, too; I just didn’t bother to hear it)


they really still doin this huh?


Still haven’t seen any of the modern episodes. What was the consensus on the previous season? There’s exactly one good episode?


Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster is the best one.

I have no idea what the consensus was but the uh…“Mythology” comes to a head and they’re not really good enough to make it work.

Also let’s say that taking place in the present is not really good for the show in general like having Joel Mchale as a pseudo-heroic Alex Jones type in episodes named “My Struggle” and Mulder finding clues to stop a terror attack by going to the Muslim Astral Plane to talk to a suicide bomber. Like it’s the Thanksgiving Unclest of seasons and now we are ruled by Thanksgiving Uncles so it comes across as even dumber

God the cold open to the terrorist one is just a Muslim guy waking up, praying, then going to blow up an art museum like ta fukken episode of NCIS or some shit


oh my god badonka donk

I had blocked it out

X-Files season 10 aka Dad Files


It was more X-Files, and that meant that everything everyone didn’t like about the original run was still here, unchanged.

Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster is absolutely worth tracking down and watching, though. It was written as an episode for a “Night Stalker” reboot that never happened, so they reworked it for X-Files. It is delightful.

I fully expect the new ones to be 5 really not-great episodes and one stand-alone kool aid SLAMMER.


There’s a lethal weapon TV show where Damon Wayans is Danny Glover and the police chief is a white guy named Brooks Avery


Having watched five minutes of each I say Lethal Weapon the 2016 tv show is better than Rush Hour the 2016 tv show


I never tried the Rush Hour one, did it get cancelled already?

The Lethal Weapon show is… watchable, I guess? I am not up to speed on what cop shows are like in 2K17 but it seems. Fine. It’s nice to see Damon Wayans doing stuff I guess.

I figured this post would essentially function as lighting the @sleazy signal so I didn’t even tag you haha.

the Brooks Avery thing freaked me out because I thought it somehow indicated that Avery Brooks was in some way associated with Lethal Weapon movies and I had just never noticed this but… I guess the writers are just big Avery Brooks fans? Or something? Am I missing something here.

Anyway Avery Brooks should be on TV again.


i was increasingly engaged by this show and its weird off-putting tone throughout season one but i feel like it’s ramping down again throughout season two so far. maybe coz i’m now waiting on each episode to come out, idk


yeah i get that. i marathoned season 1 in like a day and now it kind of feels weird waiting a week for a new episode. a uniquely new kind of tv problem

i still like season 2 so far, maybe because it’s somewhat hard to tell where exactly it’ll go next


i don’t really know what i was expecting based on the source material, but can anyone tell me whether every episode of Fargo is as violent as the first one, in, uh, as spoiler-free a way as possible


every episode is not identically violent but every season is the exact same identical shit


they are not! the violence of the first episode is intentionally quite sudden and impactful, marking the moments of crisis that precipitate the fateful chain of events that follow. There is violence/death in subsequent episodes, but not in the same style (indeed, usually in a rather different style each time). After the initial crime, those that follow are usually telegraphed/forecasted quite clearly to the viewer, with some rare but broadly anticipatable exceptions. The series is more about watching the convergence and divergence of players in the drama than following a particular sequence of traumatic occurrences, so the intended shock of each conflict more or less drops over the course of a season.

also parker is wrong. i have not yet viewed the third season, but the second stands out as a more considered and provocative work than the first, with significant tonal differences, truly curious plot devices and an all-around more tasteful disposition.