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“Northern stoicism demands I fill my one outfit with a sweat stench that rivals the rotten odor of the living dead I packed in yonder box.”


"If I take this thing off they’ll see the terrible encrustations on the inside and know the dark secret of my calm.’


Defenders went the route of devolving into fisticuffs solve everything including Elektra and Daredevil’s relationship somehow and quality suffered for it. Danny Rand continued to be insufferable and oddly pushed out of the action more often than not. Really the only person to show some decent character growth at the end was Jessica.

I guess I don’t want a comic book story and this was most definitely one.




The Sinner is actually a pretty good time for anyone interested. It makes use of Jessica Biel’s lack of talent by writing her as an emotionally vacant - almost sociopathic - suburban housewife who commits a senseless act of violence until her motives are questioned by an eccentric detective played by Bill Pullman. The direction is excellent, the performances are functional and it has that sort of propulsive energy the best genre TV has.



I wonder how much of this one will be Pizzolatto’s mediocre novel and/or Ellroy fan fiction.


So is the Hand just the League of Shadows then?



More Ra’s al Ghul I reckon


This interpretation does not allow me to repeat things like “Ah you think dragon bones are your ally? You merely adopted the bones!" etc. to my unimpressed cats


I actually don’t know what the Hand are aside from spooky undead ninjas whose leaders were thrown out of Danny Rand’s paradise centuries ago. Mainly because I didn’t watch Iron Fist all the way through. And only bits and pieces of maybe three sporadic episodes from Daredevil. They are certainly moustache-twistingly evil, though!


something about elektra scraping her ugly prop sword on a double-sided water stone w/ the grit printed on one side is hilarious


I wonder what effect casting a charismatic or at least vaguely likable dude as Danny would have had on the plot.

They seem to go to the “this guy’s a big dumb asshole idiot” well often.


They almost, almost had him sympathetic with the conversations he had with Luke Cage but then they took Danny Rand away to have him do a big dumb asshole idiot moment. The biggest moment. Comparable to thinking that wearing your pants on your head was a reasonable thing to do.


finally watched the first season of true dick
it’s uh okay sometimes, visually nice, rust cohle is a fedora away from being a redditor, women are underwritten and those serial killer affects were maddeningly trite.


Ugh, really really did not like Defenders. Luc Cage and Jessica Jones have zero horse in the race, standing by the sidelines the whole time till some generic jag needs to get punched in the solar plexis. The bad guys are all vanquished leftover villains from Iron Fist and Daredevil who never seemed remotely threatening, especially after they poured all their resources into Elektra only to have it produce a pretty substandard goon that regularly gets beaten by the Defenders. They then spend the remainder of the show talking about how bad of an idea it was to do that.

I dunno. I completely cannot get into The Hand as the main villains in a Marvel show. They’re so amazingly uninteresting, underpowered, and unsatisfying to watch. I hope to god Elektra isn’t back for S3 of Daredevil, because god damn am I done watching every climactic fight boil down to Daredevil refusing to fight the main bad guy, constantly asking them to stop fighting. It’s like the least entertaining super hero battle imaginable, and it’s so weird they keep bringing it back.

Actually reminded me a lot of Batman v Superman, in that the entire thing builds up to a battle that one entire side refuses to engage in. That is not the kind of comparison you want for your superhero show.


I keep thinking about how well Hydra worked as the villains in Winter Soldier or Shield, where they were more modern manipulators, able to turn formidable, varied forces against the heroes. Only time the Hand has come close to something like that was Bakuto’s cult in Iron Fist, where they spent an episode building up relationships and sympathies between the heroes and the villains before having it turn into a fight. At least there, there was the creepiness of the cult indoctrination and the payoff of having known characters fighting each other. It was probably the most memorable part of a show that quickly got bogged down by faceless ninjas.


there are already more erect penises in the deuce than in game of thrones


Why did no one tell me that Lexx is awesome?

I’m only 45 minutes in to the first episode but still


Loki has been telling you Lexx is awesome for eight years