TV Party


man that second episode of russian doll plays with e groundhog day rules in ways that thre me off, 5/5 good tv


edit: huh something up with the parsing on the quote in the first tweet


killing miss Grundy in S02E01 of riverdale is like when they killed d’angelo in the wire


these Netflix encodes are shameful though, foh 2.5mbit 1080p


Into the Badlands fights are genuinely so fun and well choreographed that i don’t even mind the Proper Noun Fantasy world that looks like an adult version of the Canadian kids show The Oddysey


it gives me immense pain to say that jordan peele’s “weird city” is not really as funny or conceptually sharp as…idiocracy

like just as a practical matter it can’t be as racist or classist as that but it’s just…it’s got nothing to say?

every episode has all the benefits and problems of sketch comedy but the sketches are all an entire half an hour long

there is so much talent behind and in front of the camera that i love and the concept of a goofy funny anthology show with worldbuilding is so good

it’s not smart enough or stupid enough

i really wish it landed better for me

god there are so many good 15 second gags though


weird city is treehouse of horror but too much


a sci fi anthology series where every segment is only 15 seconds would be extremely good


i probably would get more enjoyment out of a vine compilation where they all ended with the x-files theme being played over the black mirror logo


the tv show “black monday” is 100% indistinguishable from if funny or die or whoever was making a parody of 80s period pieces and i can’t tell if it’s on purpose


Strong start in Umbrella Academy, stayed at least interesting as it muddled through the middle (quite happy to reveal their hand well in advance for some story elements and then oddly reticent for others), rushed the climax and pissed me off with the sequel hook ending.


Episode 4 of Russian Doll ends like a tonne of bricks dumped all over you, restarting the loop. I wasn’t prepared for that!


I liked Russian Doll a whole lot more than I was expecting; the Groundhog Day time loop thing is pretty played out at this point, but it’s executed so well!


And there’s the second layer to that we’ve seen him before! which I didn’t realize it at the time and now struck me watching the next episode, holy shit this is really good.





A reasonably even series! A good feeling of moderately uncomfortable about existence as things slowly go sideways. Alan was fairly straightforward, Nadia was more convoluted and I haven’t quite grasped how their themes connect.


i mean like, one’s refusing to deal with her past and the other can’t accept his future, right?


I’ve been watching season 2 of The Orville.
It’s basically new episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation.
It’s extremely faithful to the look of TNG. The stars moving past the windows look the same. The space ships move the same way. The sets are lit in a flat 90’s tv way.
It’s TNG in a lot of ways that it really doesn’t have to be.
It’s also simple mostly episodic action adventure morality tales.
It’s TNG in the good way.


I like it but in order to do that I have to skip every single character episode focused on Macfarlane

he constantly ruins his own show


Yeah, casting himself as the captain wasn’t a good choice.