TV Party


Realized I missed an episode of Black Mirror. I had watched every episode except Men Against Fire, so I watched it. What a downer of an episode. I thought it was good, but the theme hit hard.


Catastrophe is adorable and funny, although I would have said it was “too cute” for you had you not been the one recommending it.


what, really? it’s not at all cute!

gosh I’ve done such a poor job of representing my tastes


I dunno halfway through the first season I think they are adorable; how do I see this show through your eyes Felix???


I probably perceive people who mean well but make hasty decisions as “cute”. Plus they have good chemistry!


i just watched the adventure time finale finally and it was so good!


i wish netflix’s sex education gave me a little better excuse to listen to gillian anderson’s british accent


I watched a few episodes of Banged Up Abroad a.k.a Locked Up Abroad

It does dramatizations of real stories of westerners getting arrested and going to foreign prisons, but they hyper focused on westerners getting caught smuggling drugs. Every episode feels the same. It looks pretty good, but they often can’t shoot in the locations they are portraying, and often can’t cast actors from the countries the people are supposed to be from. The writers also love to throw in little portents for a superstitious audience. The show heavily panders to low-brow tastes and sensibilities.

A show about people getting caught doing crimes in exotic locations is a great premise, but this show really squanders that.


have been watching Schitt’s Creek & Trigger Warning and I gotta say I like both of them way more than I expected

Ironically my low expectations for both are mainly because of the names of the shows, though for different reasons

anyway they are both better than their titles


i missed broad city

gonna miss it when it’s gone


russian doll is a really good twist on the time loop story and takes it in some really amazing directions

i think this is the first show i actually felt like binging in one sitting

natasha lyonne is so fantastic

makes me want to watch all of daybreak again though


my wife isn’t up to watching that as fast as I wanted so I’m only a couple episodes in but I started watching riverdale on a lark today and it’s impossibly good?

delighted to be late to yet another party


does anyone outside of sb remember how good daybreak was?


god day break is so old i think it was the first tv show i legally watched on the internet


Is that the one starring Taye Diggs’ arms




looking forward to this one

has anyone seen the other spinoff “Wellington Paranormal”? i wanna check that out

just give taika waititi more tv shows in general tbh


oh good I was afraid he wasn’t actually involved in it and it was just spun off after the movie


Nightflyers is a ship in space sci-fi! It frontloads all the god damn horror cliches rather than building up the creeping dread in the first episode and turned me off on watching further FUCK.

It’s a adaptation from the movie that was adapted from the book that George R. R. Martin wrote.


I watched until episode six, “The Sacred Gift”, at which point I was pretty sure I just straight-up didn’t like most of the show and jumped ship.

The premise of that one, which I will spoil tag later on, is that they find a derelict ship from like 7 years ago, which at their level of technology was a pretty interesting premise. They board the ship and find a coven of only women, who have somehow found a way to stay alive without supplies, all alone in the void. They are mostly a crew of extremely intelligent scientists and specialists.

Turns out, and this is extremely fucked-up so, warning, they went crazy due to an alien signal, killed all but a few of the men, and strap the remaining men to tables, where they use a pumping machine to harvest each man’s semen (they do this to two of the main characters), which they then use alien technology to grow like adult fetuses in these transparent body bags, and eat the human meat of for sustenance. The crew ends up escaping without fixing anything or destroying the ship, which seemed just a teensy bit irresponsible.

Soooo felt like they were going just for the shock value, to no greater end, and eh? Wasn’t worth it for me.

There are some things I liked, such as the low level of technology, the weird way they do “holographics”, the psychic stuff, Angus Sampson and Maya Eshet. Wasn’t enough, at the end of the day.