TV Party


d’arcy carden is unbelievable in general and I think part of my problem with the end of s2/beginning of s3 is she doesn’t get to do enough


the last two episodes have been generally reviewed as her best showcases so take that as you will


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has had an awkward start to its season (I’m still an epi behind, fwiw). It’s getting a little better, but there’ve been some clunky episodes. Also, the musical numbers have been mostly feeling really uninspired and a few have been way too drawn out.

Still hoping it finds its footing, but I’m preparing myself to just remembering the first 2.5 seasons as mostly really stellar.


it does feel like kinda perfunctory plot wrap ups. but i’m glad it’s getting to do things on it’s own terms to a degree.

“don’t be a lawyer” is definitely my favorite song of the season

my brain can’t accept new greg no matter how much they dump the lampshade truck on top of him


Yeah, “Don’t Be a Lawyer” is definitely the standout for me. I can’t really name another one I actually liked that much. Paula’s song about her son was alright. FAKE EDIT: Oh, the Chicago number from the first ep was pretty good.

It is good that they seem to go out the way they want it to, though. It seems like the budget has been cut even though the episode count has been increased for the season. I’m not sure how true that is.

I think the first third of season 4 being kinda shapeless and wheel-spinny is especially hard to take after season 3 wrapped up in such a rushed fashion.


Nightflyers is pretty good. If you like space horror, I’d say it’s got more than enough cool ideas and cool scenes to make it worth it (I think it’s just 6 episodes).

It’s one of those shows that kind of needs to stick the landing for me to really recommend it. I like about half of the characters quite a bit. I love the tech, and the near-future setting and lore. It looks really good, surprisingly.

The story is pretty decent, but nothing mind-blowing. Some plot threads I’ll enjoy, others I won’t care for.

Angus Sampson is excellent. He feels right out of Alien. Maya Eshet is also great and I was not expecting that based on her iffy introduction.


i wish more people watched shameless. it’s too disney-ish to be aesthetically dreamlike but in the mind it is if you try to think about the entire story.

how fast and slow and unreal life is when in poverty. life is but a dream and then u die

sex drugs and pain



like some randy maniac bishop


Is this…post town burning down? They were leading up to that in the show, and paying attention to their timeline with the telegraph poles, voting & statehood organizing, right? And the actors are obviously older so they’ll either be fudging it or it will be a diaspora story?


apparently yeah

The movie was filmed on the Westworld sets — or, more accurately, Westworld is filmed on the Deadwood sets. How tough was it recreating the town after all these years?
It was a lot of work. I have to hand it to Maria Caso, who was the production designer. She did a great job originally but then she came into re-creating the town 10 years later and the thought and detail that went into it. There are stone buildings now because there had been a fire, which really happened in Deadwood.


I started thinking, ‘no, I meant the real town burning down’ but then I realized you were talking about the perfect synchronicity we now have between representational and historical. Amazing.


they are doing a deadwood movie and a downton abbey movie and everyone involved with both productions is an utter coward for not figuring out a way to make them part of the same Prestige Drama Cinematic Universe


This webshow is about this premise (I promise)

I mean honestly it’s not great but I find its enthusiasm infectious


I love prozd’s vines and I’m glad he’s gotten to do something bigger.

I think the first two “seasons” are up officially on YouTube.


I watched season 1 and 2 of Scream. It’s ok.
It’s pretty clear someone involved really wanted to be doing a Friday the 13th show.


Still haven’t finished watching the last season but hey this looks a neat thing that might be neat.


Just finished watching Little Drummer Girl and it’s easily the best TV of the year for me. For those who don’t know it’s Park Chan Wook doing a John Le Carre’ adaptation and it’s excellent. We don’t deserve such nice things.


Tidying Up on Netflix is changing my gf and me’s life. we are going around thanking all the useless shit in our life before tossing it in the garbage. Turns out cleaning can be both fun and a religious experience. Thank you Marie Kondo!


catastrophe is back and catastrophe is still utterly wonderful

also I finished the long process of replacing all of my downloaded movies and TV with the highest-reasonable-bitrate-given-native-revolution available versions today, that was fun

no more “oh well I’m hanging onto this 720p rip” for me