Trouble in Mind

^ original recording with the composer (richard jones) on piano

^ jones, chippie, and pops = magic

^ cheesy but fun (dig bob’s ad libs!)

^ what a voice!

^ nothing but

^ serene blues

^ bringing down the house

^ one of the finest vocalists of the big band era

^ dinah’s take is unique and bright

^ raw

^ the absolute definitive version

^ cooke puts a magic spin on it

^ aretha gets gritty with it

^ unique harmonies!

^ fats puts in a rolling, soulful take

^ absolutely unparalleled in terms of pure vocal performance

^ garland blocking out sunshine

^ the killer tries his hand

^ a slow, blue unfurling

^ solid haggard twang

^ p good cash take

^ quite competent

^ dece

i don’t even know where to stop. the tune is incredibly malleable, and yet never loses its distinctive character


this is probably the best thread i’ve ever made on these forums


One of my fave records has Big Joe Turner doing this song. Can’t find the same one on Youtube yet but

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Ugh, I was thinking of this Jimmy Witherspoon version :blush:


Uh, actually more like this version (but not exactly this version)…

Looks like Donald Trump on saxophone.

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Cheers for this, it’s wonderful to see so many different interpretations of a single piece of music.

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gonna move this to the music thread. also probably going to do this for other tunes as well; does that interest anyone or would this be a strictly-for-personal-enjoyment endeavor?


that whole lineup is killer

No, this is fantastic. Please keep going.

Been punching names and ‘trouble in mind’ into Youtube.

^ Musclular harp instrumental

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Here’s a good one, never listened to Roscoe Holcomb before

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Yo Snoooooooooks

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that link died so here’s a replacement


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