To Go Boldly


i am glad this show is getting a 100% clean slate with no relationship to the canon whatsoever. that’s actually pretty nice

i’m kinda liking this justice league style every season finale is a series finale thing

the enterprise bridge and discovery sick bay doctors being majority female sure isn’t a thing that would have happened in the 60s and that’s kind of neat

the wild thing though is the concept of the section 31 show with michelle yeoh definitely still being a thing even though i guess she’s in 3000 and late with…everyone?

i really thought they were saying a skeleton bridge crew of the main cast was going to the future to protect michael but it sure as hell seemed like the entire ships compliment just gave up on their entire lives which is beyond beyond wild

nhan’s “yum yum” is pretty uh weirdly bloodthirsty for a federation officer

like sarek’s psychic skype line this show’s absolute strongest feature is visualizing psychedelic concepts and wow the time travel here looked fantastic\

the cocoon around the iron man suit looked pretty rad too

that boy spock sure went overboard making sure everything is CANON lol

like literally the only thing they havent explained is how the klingons go back to looking like augments but i guess the section 31 show is sticking in this time period so

god the hallway fight sure lasted forever…like it literally felt more oppressive and exhausting than the uh 40 straight minutes of space battles

unlike a lot of the season this worked well enough on an broad strokes emotional level to make up for most nitpicking though

i’m looking forward to seeing the whole weird post-federation V’draysh stuff from calypso fleshed out which is even more relevant now that they went to the 33rd century specifically

i guess number one’s name is Una like in that book but i forget if that was supposed to be her real name


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Goddddddddd didn’t love that one, fellas

Well, thank the lord Jet’s alive and well, and the time travel effects ruled.


it really is exceedingly, overwhelmingly cruel that everyone who thought their family died in the klingon war (when they went to the mirror universe) and then got them back had to suffer through their “deaths” again

probably a bad idea to make multiple plotholes that require military debriefs of literally hundreds of people to work


it is funny that so far that they dramatically made her see the (a) future for apparently no story or character consequence whatsoever


I truly don’t understand what the undetonated torpedo flash-forward for both Michael and Jet was supposed to be about, in hindsight. I guess it was to make us worried that the battle would be brutal and the Enterprise might go down? But that couldn’t possibly be case, as we all know.

Also sorta stunned that you can just bunker-buster a regular-ass basic bitch photon torpedo into a hull, THEN detonate it, and guarantee you take out a quarter of a ship’s saucer section. Feels like all torpedoes should do that. You could fully revolutionize space combat by having these heavy-ass torpedoes pierce the shields, dig into the hull, the explode under the hull!

I also like… fundementally do not understand how shields work now. I really liked the Tilly stuff in this episode, and enjoyed that scene with her blind-fixing the kerjiggerino in the jefferies tube, but then she… she realigns a thing, and suddenly the shields go from being a 5% BACK UP to 40%. Man they should do that all the time! They should automate whatever that was! You can just gain shields back!

I think that’s what sorta makes these space battles fall flat for me, I have no idea who is attacking who, where, at any given point. I didn’t see any of the Section 31 ships explode, so I have to assume they did zero damage to any of them until the Klingons showed up (which, I did love the battering-ram ship quite a bit).

They basically make these large-scale engagements look like Battlestar Galactica, but in BSG you could clearly see ships taking physical damage beyond the flak wall, to the point where they were ready to blow with a coordinated missile strike. Here, I guess when you pierce the shields you instantly die, so we’re just going by the shield percentages, which are arbitrary it looks like.

Closest they’ve come so far to having a battle I could follow was Lorca trying to save the Gagarin. I like that one mostly because you’re given a pretty unbroken progression of events, and understand what the clear objective they’re trying to accomplish is. Even there, though, you can’t really tell if they destroy any ships, or just damage them enough to deter them. Are they surrounded by like 7 battleships? Doesn’t seem like it by the end. It’s weird.

Anyways, whatever’s happening, it certainly looks gorgeous.


Rewatched this with a friend and it was still an unfathomable mess of explosions and camera fuckery, but, also came out of it with a few questions:

  • There are so many ways out of that stuck-door situation that it boggles the mind. I can’t not think about this. They built up to it for three episodes, based a 5th of the episode around the situation, and it culminated in a significant character death. Here’s three solutions just off the top of my head:

    • Call in one of those adorable hull-repair drones, or any robot, of which there are countless, and have that robot remotely pull the lever.

    • Beam the torpedo into space, or have someone pull the lever and beam them out of the room.

    • Tie a rope to the handle, walk to the other side of the door, and pull the rope. The door slams onto the rope, severing it, and saving everyone.

  • Okay so, at the end, they swear every captain in Starfleet to secrecy about Discovery, the spore drive, the existence of the crew, everything. But, remember back in season 1 when Discovery was clearly this famous Federation superweapon? Everyone was talking about it, because it completely turned around the war. Even Kor, a klingon on the other side of the war, knew about it said “so, this is the Federation’s fabled weapon!”

  • I have no idea how Michael created an EMP blast capable of disabling every system on Kaminar. I feel like they didn’t even try to explain that one.


Was that before or after they jumped to and from the mirror dimension? IIRC when they come back they’re also several months off of their target and the war happened without Discovery.


Was before: There was a stretch after they successfully used the spore drive to save that colony, up until they blew up the klingon command ship (Ship of the Dead) using the drive, where they turned the war around for the Federation.

When they got back they just warped to the Klingon homeworld and ended the war, which like, considering how the klingons were at Earth’s doorstep at that point, must’ve made them world-renowned saved-the-planet celebrities, all of whom were awarded Starfleet Medal of Honor in a massive ceremony.


Ugh, yeah, my head hurts.

It’s frustrating how they want it both ways, incessantly referential prequel and glossy novel concepts. That Season 1 break had me convinced we’d get Voyager Take Two.


the non adult cartoon, the nickelodeon cartoon is about “lawless teens” who steal a spaceship to go on a joyride

that actually sounds like a fun premise

what if they just make space cases in the actual star trek universe

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if they weren’t cowards they would have used the 80s ass nextgen font instead of the classic font


I’m already feeling mildly optimistic just from seeing a glimpse of a decent looking Star Trek uniform in the background there.

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it turns out to be a twin peaks s3 homage and you only get half an episode of him at the very end its all just about the farm hands


does he make that shitty future wine that doesn’t get you drunk?


in the post scarcity future all humans transact solely in influence and so families bet their futures by relocating near the picard vineyards and ingratiating themselves to the owner through ‘volunteer’ labor, under the guise of enthusiasm for the culture, in the hopes of securing preferential starfleet career paths for their children


Darkest post I have ever read


It needs to be a Fraiser-esque sitcom with Picard moving back home and hanging out with his brother all the time. Only the Picards get into physical fights more than the Crane brothers do.


Ancient Canadian Proverb:

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