To Go Boldly


man i forgot she had a recurring role on new girl where she plays an extremely grating wacky prankster and she’s actually just straight jim carreying it up with all the nuance of a disney channel child actor and it’s a delight


I was legitimately impressed by her reactions when she found out about her parents. Felt like she was really being affected by the news.

It took a ridiculous… like you said, Spider-Man’s secret agent parents moment, and actually made me care a little bit.


I keep thinking about how weird it is that Disco finds out that Michael is the red angel (as far as they know), then immediately decides that the red angel is dangerous and must be captured in a trap.

Like, firstly, that’s Michael, so you’re planning to interrupt your own trusted crewmember’s plan to save the universe? Secondly, if it’s Michael from the future, it knows from its own past that they will try this trick. You can’t trick Michael in the future by having her present self carry out the trap! She remembers!

Once they revealed it was Michael’s mom that explains away a bunch, but it’s still a stunningly weird plan.


when jett renos not on the screen all the characters should be asking where’s jett reno




Man, it’s a shame Spock didn’t have like, another sibling that was obsessed with religion, and could thematically represent the other end of the spectrum in his struggle between being emotional and logical, human and Vulcan, etc.


That was a great one, everyone had something interesting and/or exciting to do. Somehow, everything felt like it worked, for the first time in a long time.

Awesome acting from Sonequa and Sonja Sohn, too. I actually cared throughout this one.

The borg nanobot and time travel stuff is still, ugh, but character-wise I loved it.


justifying the existence of Sybok would single handedly right all of the other wrongs of Discovery


sonja sohn is such an emotionally grounded and naturalistic actor that she could probably sell me on any dumbass scifi nonsense that this show could come up with

i like that michael is michael jr.


Realized earlier today that every single story this season and last has been bad, but very often the acting and the crazy high production values make it all seem pretty decent.

The two main plot threads to this season - time travel and an advanced AI Borg species that wants to destroy all life in the universe - are so fucking mind-numbing we’re spending all the time we can trying to re-frame them as like, off TOS episode concepts.


This episode fucking ruled.


every time we get a tease of detmer and owoshekun and the crew chillin out i just wish the whole show would stop and focus on their conversation instead of the action

make jett the captain next season

you know i think all these weird interquel hooks like the pike stuff really would have worked better if this show was the every season focuses on a different time period anthology show it was sold as at first. i don’t mind the story getting some of it’s power from remembering other shows i just wish discovery invested in itself a little more

i guess getting rid of the ship is maybe the time when the short trek “calypso” takes place?

still have zero emotional investment in any ash tyler romance

trailer spoilers: this take on making the 60s enterprise look modern really does beat the hell out of the movies even though that’s a W I L D in-between refit lol


This borg shit, man. Struggle is pointless? Fuck you.

The Pike plot, though, that was what I want to see. Arrival cut down to an A plot length.

They have so. many. devices to do anything and they’re doing how Anakin built C-3PO. If they weren’t likely to take the exact wrong ideas I’d suggest they watch fucking Rick and Morty.


i’m gonna guess outside of maybe a cute reference that control is not actually the borg

i mean it is absolutely possible, especially with enterprise’s retcon that archer and crew encountered some leftover borgs from “first contact” you could very easily say that section 31 got hold of some borg components and reengineered them into a threat assessment program. that is much less of a liberty than the show has already taken

but what if

it wasn’t them

because i don’t

want it to be


i tried not reading this thread until after seeing the episode this time and it didn’t have much effect on my enjoyment


building these extremely heavy emotional beats in the “downtime” between a wild rollercoaster ride is a very weird strategy

at this point, i generally speaking like these characters even if they need more interesting sources of interpersonal conflict and i definitely like them trying to flesh them out. but doing it in these long manipulative spielbergian info dumps like airam or when they thought saru was dying or these letters home is so weird (also these people constantly being willing to drop their entire lives over and over is wild but that’s a whole nother topic)

i actually did like this episode more than i didin’t but i really hope the new (new, new, new , new) showrunners next season allow actual scenes where we learn something about these characters in non galactic threat level situations?

wonder if they’re gonna try to up the stakes again next season


like relax lt. nielson or “skin airam” or whoever your name is. you’ve been working for 5 minutes you don’t have to throw your whole life in with these death wish weirdos. even nhan who has zero personality traits outside of her race has more of a theoretical emotional link to these people

i hope the enterprise at least gets another short trek after this season is done seems like a waste to have built that rad set for just a few eps, plus anson mount rules

i hope they don’t bring in another random white dude as captain of discovery though

wait the ship is about to become sentient and they’re gonna be the in the far flung future is season 3 going to be gene roddenberry’s star trek presents gene roddenberry’s andromeda


The horrifying truth that Sleazy here refuses to face is that they’re for sure setting up Jet Reno’s cheap sacrifice in the season finale. I will legit walk away from this show if they do what I’m almost positive they’re gonna do.

And I know they’re gonna do it! Because it’s the worst idea!


Yes! I can’t stand this style of just having music cues do the work while piling on pathos. I am immune but also allergic to it.

The episode was fine - I was excited to see Queen Po back and the conference table scenes are getting better but every time they paused for a speech or solemn beat I was bored to tears.


it’s 50/50

in the same way tng had a bunch of random non-character guest chief engineers before moving in laforge, or how ds9 had an offscreen counselor before ezri, discovery also has a non existent offscreen chief engineer (this episode being maybe the wildest one for that situation) and jett is an easy person to slide into that role plus there is a chance that michael or whoever will discover what jett is doing (or already knows…from the crystal?) and stop her

also just to set my self up for further possible dissapointment, control hasn’t really shown any borg-like behavior outside of being a robot hijacking meat bodies it doesn’t seem to give a shit about making anyone part of a collective. i mean those evil worms they never mentioned again on TNG were also body hijackers

anyway jett will be in season 3 and control is not the borg