To Go Boldly



Man I never considered the possibility that hot Tranya sucked


My wife actually got that cook book as a gift from her father.


This episode (s2e2) rules oh my god


whoa that was just a straight up real actual episode of star trek including elements that actually build characterization and enrich the greater backstory of the franchise?

the fuck?


OK so if I want to get in, do I start with season 2 or the short treks or what


can’t believe they doubled down on the elon musk shit though hahahaha


The short treks are fine but inessential. I’d start with season 2. You can go back to the short treks if you want more.


was glad to see even the background characters get some time to exist as people. like owosekun being from a family of athiest luddites a throwaway line is more characterization than she got in the entirety of season 1. even detmer seems to have more of a personality. and a prime directive compromise that actually felt challenging and satisfying in a straightforward way. plus an episode that works as a standalone but fits into the larger story like…a television show? the tilly and saru relationship stuff was great too. i hope the characters relationships actually develop enough that you could imagine a conversation but this kind of thing is a great start. will really help if someone as specific as jet reno becomes a main. even the world war iii stuff was interesting, like this would have been a great Enterprise plot. shame about the MusK High stuff though.

suffer watch it all


We know she died at Zuckerberg Hospital tho, that makes up for it.

Wanna go vandalize mem alpha brb


god this klingon shit is still the wackest game of thrones wannabe plots including everything that makes GOT miserable, although…i was almost (almost) sold on it when they broke out the electric guitar riff. like if they had kept shredding i might could have been swayed

like the mega blasters exploding dudes into gibs and the bubble trap were just close enough to some weird 2000AD metalhead meets Dune shit that i want to get onboard but what a tonal mismatch


this sucks


hoping georgiou getting her own show will quarantine all the section 31 stuff into it’s own edgelord zone


emotionally preparing myself for the fact that all these mushrooms bringing back dead people will eventually extend to creating a neo-lorca


There is a ray of hope in that one-tenth-of-a-second shot of Reno in the next ep preview.


Every time we get a scene featuring Voq, it’s fun to look back on his character arc and bask in how exquisitely he has fucked up every single thing he’s ever been involved in.

Guy was born an albino, which forced him to grow up enduring racist mockery from his own people and his own house, which cast him out. All the way into his adult life, no other house would have him. He eventually falls in with a traditionalist cult lead by T’Kuvma, whose whole thing is that you should keep Klingon identity pure. Already, why would this jag value anything Klingon if it’s done nothing but unfairly fuck him his entire life?

T’Kuvma’s dad’s 200-year-old spaceship goes toe-to-toe with six state-of-the-art Fed spaceships and wins, but, two humans beam over and successfully murder T’Kuvma. They are essentially unopposed by Voq, his right-hand man. With T’Kuvma dead, the various clans briefly turn to Voq for leadership, but his ship is all fucked up with no power and dwindling food. The other clans look elsewhere. T’Kuvma is now dead, his ship is disabled and his house irrelevant.

Voq’s first act as leader is to tell his people to eat human corpses to survive, and to bar his people from taking the Shenzhou’s warp engine, because it was the ship that bested him and killed his leader. His people are literally going to die because he got his ass kicked so bad. This abandoned, derelict hunk of junk Federation ship is going to fully kill him and his crew by continuing to drift lifelessly through the void.

A few months later, Kol shows up, convinces Voq to go get the warp drive from the Shenzhou (which he now agrees to???), and then effortlessly takes control of Voq’s ship and crew and strands him on the fed ship to die. L’Rell convinces him to agree to an utterly insane plan to defeat specifically the Federation, and not the rival house that just took everything T’Kuvma had ever built.

Voq uses L’Rell’s resources and plan to undergo a ludicrously horrific, painful, vastly overcomplicated procedure that transplants his organs into the corpse of a human and leaves his mind shattered. No clear plan is ever revealed - Discovery wasn’t a threat at that point in the war, nor was the original ship that they both might want revenge on a threat. It’s never stated what Voq was actually supposed to do.

L’Rell then puts Voq into a prison on a ship she apparently owns and commands, then captures but does not kill Lorca (CAPTAIN OF THE MOST POWERFUL SHIP IN THE FEDERATION), where Voq meets Lorca, kills like five fellow Klingons in his escape, tries to shoot L’Rell’s in the head and misses by an inch, scarring her face, then returning to Discovery to faithfully support Discovery in its war efforts for months to come. Soon, they defeat and capture L’Rell. Want to also point out that L’Rell no longer has her scars for some reason, as of season 2.

Finally, in the mirror universe, Voq managed to break through after he met his mirror universe counterpart, who he hated to the point of trying to kill because he was not racist like the children who mocked him in his youth. Voq randomly kills the ship doctor, immediately revealing himself. Wracked with guilt from his human side, he turns himself in to Burnham, who then makes L’Rell perform a procedure that destroys Voq and makes Ash the dominant personality.

His mission having fully failed, Ash goes with L’Rell to the homeworld, where he proceeds to be a massive liability to L’Rell, to the point where he must fake his own death to prevent her from losing her position of power. He now works for the leader of the terran empire, who had personally committed genocide upon his people in her universe.

Didn’t exactly knock this one out of the park, Voq.


that last L’Rell line got me all :lovepig: though


Wait a second, evil Georgiou fully committed genocide against the Klingons in her universe, and also very very nearly successfully did it a second time in the prime universe. And Voq’s just gonna work for her, no questions asked??

Voq’s homeworld now has a planet-destroying bomb attached to the core, ready to explode at any time, thanks to this specific Georgiou.

Georgiou of our universe fully defeated him, killed his master, and drove him to mutilate himself in a hare-brained revenge strategy, then Georgiou of the evil universe genocided his people almost twice. And that’s the lady he’s gonna work for! For Starfleet!! Starfleet was completely on-board with Georgiou’s plan to destroy Q’onos, too!!! They even promoted her for trying to do it!!! PROMOTED HER TO THE POSITION SHE’S CURRENTLY OCCUPYING, AS HIS BOSS!!!


is the baby the albino?


so much happened in that one that i forgot that the episode started with number one who was very well cast

tig notaro really is the character ingredient that was missing from this show. i don’t know why this is the character they want to write like this but…okay. jett reno rules

wait stamets isn’t the chief engineer? was he previously? that’s pretty hilarious that we have never met this person if that is the case

i really enjoyed the A-plot and the “tower of babel” scene was really solid

the stuff with saru really worked well for me. i usually hate this kind of bait and switch thing but they really went the extra mile to make it matter to the relationships

saru’s body is a very cool prosthetic even though it’s kinda fakey compared to his face

the viewscreen stuff continues to be kinda silly

i don’t know how i feel about the tilly stuff like genuinely scary body horror and i enjoy that the show taking on the more psychedelic properties of TOS continues to extend to literal psychedelics. i hope it’s going somewhere interesting

not looking forward to corny ass section 31 next week