To Go Boldly


did you watch Cost of Living?


umm i don’t think so! there was, uh, A Matter of Time, and the one with the kid who wanted to be Data and also one with Worf’s kid?


Yeah, Worf goes to parent-teacher conferences!


I think Worf says something about G-Unit in that one with that shitty Data wannabe kid.


i 100% didn’t pick hat up but i’ll keep a lookout if i ever watch it again

i love how Troi’s like ‘just roll with it, this is fine’


the episode I named wasn’t good but it does feature worf’s kid and troi’s mom going into a nightmarish cirque du soleil holodeck


oh what, incredible


Was rewatching part of Star Trek Beyond. Didn’t love where this movie went, but man if the first half of this movie isn’t some A+ plus Trek. The Yorktown is one of the coolest things to come out of Trek in ages:


“The Brightest Star” was pretty solid although it really feels like something as important as Saru’s origin story should have been in the show proper. Glad they actually designed some varied looking Kelpian prosthetics for the characters this time because that was kind of distracting in the Mirror eps. I actually respect the new twist on the outsider alien crewmember story.


“The Escape Artist” is the most actually fun Star Trek has been since…the Enterprise Mirror episodes? 2005? I don’t know why they decided to make Mudd into such an important recurring character but he is involved in all my favorite episodes of the show so go figure

I hope the fact of the Short Treks being sort of generally being better than the actual show is a good omen for the new season, but this show has so much production drama and hirings and firings that who even knows


lol well fine a whole section 31 show



tig notaro’s character is too good for this show she’s the perfect antidote for the tone of this thing. i hope she becomes discovery’s engineer for real

i’m gonna assume that the old doctor is coming back to life if he has an opening credit?

so much of this was obviously them trying to rebuild discovery as a Star Trek star trek show with pike straight up asking the bridge crew to do roll call to actually introduce themselves to the audience

the gags about the difference between enterprise and discovery were probably covered better in that weird crossover book (that is probably no longer canon) you can’t really lampshade 60s era production design next to this jj abrams ass ship

i wondered if they were going to straight up have women in skirts and gogo boots and i guess they are michael seems to be in that uniform in a later episode although number one wears pants

doesn’t help that there is the weird production stuff where they can’t legally actually use the real enterprise design i dunno

speaking of behind the scenes it’s again weird to think that the showrunners for this episode were fired halfway through the season, partially for spending so much money, but it shows this episode looks…very expensive

i said it before but they are definitely writing michael’s role as if sybok never existed. seems like a missed opportunity to have spock be the man in the middle between a vulcan like human and an emotional vulcan

this is all just so maudlin and melodramatic still


Literally just came here to gush about how good Tig Notaro’s Reno is. Please let this season be the Reno and Saru show.


Hey, that episode was pretty OK, wasn’t it?

I bailed out after the first mirror universe episode in season one. This show’s weird inconsistent morality and astonishingly bad writing eventually drive me away.

But this? Hey, this was an adequate episode of Star Trek mixed with some weird JRPG Mcguffin shit for a story arc.

As said before, Tig Notaro is stunningly good. With any luck, she’s in this for the long haul because damn. Not only was she amazing she also felt like she instantly felt Star Trek in a way a lot of this show has struggled with.

The brief glimpse of the Enterprise looks wildly better than the Discovery aesthetically. The Enterprise uniforms look really good and do nothing but raise the question of why they didn’t use those as the normal uniform before.

All in all…I’m still wary of Discovery but I’m kinda looking foreword to next week. Maybe this show will actually end up fine!


God when Saru was talking about his sister all I could think was like “that entire character development is in a fucking gaiden episode that they didn’t even air outside of america!”


how are sb canadians watching Discovery btw? is anyone?

crave tv looks like bullshit (with no ps4 app…???) and i don’t have cable, do i have to just pirate this

i think i made this post already sorry if so


yes they give you citizenship after reaching this conclusion enough times


The Space app has been hosting the Short Treks so I assumed I could stream the new season from there as well.

We use someone else’s TV credentials tho.


They commissioned a few different discovery themes aparently. At least one additional theme besides the one they actually used.

The one they didn’t use was instructed to sound like a Star Trek theme. It kind of rules. Somebody took footage from Discovery, and edited it together with the theme song to make a much, much better opening, IMO:

(I don’t think this has been posted before, but apologies if it has been)