To Go Boldly


Yeah it’s subtle, but all the Klingons have much less…for want of a better word…crusty looking makeup on their faces. There’s still more there than in the TNG years but most of the emphasis is on the forehead again. Plus the outfits look more like an updated version of TNG Klingon garb too.

I’m ok with this.


cbs is now trying to have star trek shows running all year between discovery and the picard show and the animated comedy and i guess it’s…a thing


is anybody watching the “short treks” little 15 minute bottle episodes of discovery they’ve been doing in the last few months? it’s kinda like “b plot: the series”. the fact that they are standalone and disconnected from the plot rollercoaster of discovery makes them kinda a nice little regular star trek anthology-ish thing


Just watched the two that are up on there last night actually. I enjoyed them. I told my wife that they felt more Star Trek than the actual show. The Tilly one was solid but I really liked the one with Craft.





“Oh no, I’ve been tangled up in this wire. What am i going to do. Somebody better get over here and help me get untangled.”


That’s the beginning of a porno




So is that cover a not so subtle jab at Neelix given the fact that they’ve locked Ethan Philips up?


Wait a second, if the klingons in Discovery are going to grow out their hair and look like the klingons in TNG, then they’re skipping completely over the guy-with-brown-face-makeup phase of TOS, which happens after this series, right?

Actually, the more I think about it, in Enterprise, we saw them a bunch and they always looked like they did in TNG, so that contradicts what they look like in Disco, right?


The “men with beards” phase was explained in DS9, wasn’t it?


DS9 purposefully did not explain it to keep the mystery. It was kind of just a throwaway gag.

On Enterprise however, they very specifically show them turning into the TOS-style brownface/fu-manchu crew

The Klingons had a run in with some of Khan’s Supermen so they decided to get into the genetic engineering arms race with some old human super-embryos from the 1990s. This had the side effect of making them look humanier. This also got attached to a flu so it spread through the empire like a virus.

They have not explained what’s going on in Discovery


Enterprise. DS9 was just the first thing to mention it in their time travel episode with Worf merely saying something like “We don’t talk about that.”


Yeah but that would mean that if we’re post-Enterprise, post-virus, they’d all look like TOSsers.


I have not watched Discovery so I should keep my mouth shut, but didn’t early promotional stuff say that these were offshoot Klingons from some kind of secondary planet to the main homeworld? Like a Vulcan/Romulan kind of thing?


nope these are just the regular klingons who look like doctor who snake monsters for no reason


Not all though, I thought it only affected some of them

It also retcons the TOS Klingons away from being ridiculously malevolent yellow peril stereotypes vs. the Noble Warriors of TNG, making them into noble warriors corrupted and deranged by human genetic poisoning or whatever

no idea how the Discovery Klingons fit into all this, but the Enterprise thing is good IMO


eh heh


They’re space orks. Discovery is a warhammer 40k tv show


been watching a few random season 5 TNG episodes with my housemate the last week or so and i’m happy to report this show is still batshit