To Go Boldly


Runaways was one of the most unwatchable TV series I’ve seen. I feel all Star Trek is ever trying to do is remake Wrath of Kahn.


“This isn’t the time for a changeling pride demonstration on the promenade.”

“But this is the form you’ve always chosen. A man. A good honest man I fell in love with. Are you saying he never existed?”

screams, sublimates into nothingness


what an uncomfortable confused mess of queer separatist metaphors this episode is

did you know there are exactly 100 gays spread across the galaxy

they try to fit in with everyone else but their bodies don’t pass and they can’t have kids



there’s tons of Trill so there’s way more gays than just the changelings


oh i know

the episode is just a kind of egregious example of a larger problem i have with star trek’s handling of Social Issues where it manages to be simultaneously thinly-veiled (which is fine) and vague/imprecise/contradictory (which isn’t). like, that episode (s7e14) very badly wants to be about a bunch of “socially-acceptable queerness” things at once but if you think about it too hard some of the implications are really uncomfortable? like, the nomad gets discriminated against but the show also makes him as unsympathetic as possible and all of the reasons i can think of for why they would do that are terrible. i have no idea how to unpack the last conversation between odo and the nomad. the ‘physical form : gender presentation’ thing im more ok with and is… handled well for the 90s (i’m guessing, i was like 3 years old lol), but even then it’s like–odo is an egg for the whole show, if you’re gonna have kira crying and telling him he’s a man, some very real emotional abuse shit, then making “hey, he doesn’t have to have a body” your payoff is… c’mon…

i might be a little uncharitable though and i mean this shit is still better than, like, that time rom deliberately outed someone (aaaaaaaa) or, idk, other stuff i can’t think of at 5 AM but

the best queer episode is probably still dax’s lesbian tryst and even that is enough to make me roll my eyes at the strained metaphor but it’s simple enough to not put its foot in its mouth i guess


anyway im definitely not projecting or anything

i don’t know if season 7 is as hit-and-miss as it feels (the hannibal episode, julian sleeping with that emotionally-vulnerable girl from the institute, etc) or if i just hold this show to a higher standard than everything else at this point because we skipped anything that mentioned the nagus or quark’s mom >.>


I skipped most of the Ferengi-centric episodes the first time I watched DS9.
I watched them all this time; I don’t think they really added much.

Season 6 and 7 are both very hit and miss.
There are some boring episodes, and some problematic episodes, but also some really good stuff.

I really like the ending. I liked it a lot more this time then I originally did.
Several characters are leaving, and the characters who stay are in new roles, and it feels like an ending.
It feels like a good-bye.


i like these enterprise uniforms better than the movie ones i guess


that video doesn’t work for me, i assume it’s the same as this?

i’ll admit that even though this trailer looks corny as hell it is way more appealing than anything from s1 was. when this comes out i might backtrack and finally watch it

im so confused about the star trek time line–this is set before Kirk when Pike was captain of the enterprise, but is it the same Pike who is late middle aged when Kirk finally does get the enterprise in 2009? Presumably this is not set in that time-line, but like… how old is Spock supposed to be when all of this is happening? Does the show take place simultaneously with the 2009 movies but in an alternate universe? ugh…

also, pike says “hit it” at the end of the trailer… isn’t that what alternate universe kirk says? or does he say like “punch it.” could they not come up with anything better…


Yeah, this looks way more my speed than the last season. Hopefully the show will be as fun as 'We have to find the seven space Dragonballs and save Spock" sounds like.


No turtle necks and inside out army surplus jackets for Pike and his crew? No deal.




I know late era Patrick Stewart really likes to work and I don’t usually mind but

If it’s not at minimum shot at extremely boring angles in 4:3


I uh

don’t trust anybody running any current version of Star Trek to tell a Picard story?

Even the people who actually told good Picard stories ended up making Nemesis

I don’t

Look they should go back and film all the Old Picard for fun now that the actors are the right age but



This is 100% going to be about Picard being the grumpy headmaster or professor at Star Fleet Academy


Well this is heartwarming.


I’m hoping the new Picard show is about Picard running a vineyard, but I’m expecting what u_u said.


it’s interesting how with pike/spock/number one this show can cast closer body/voice doubles than the movies since they don’t have the same kind of concerns? looks like the klingons have hair again lol


They are backtracking as fast as they can