To Go Boldly


the DS9 mountain climbing episode was… a lot


I don’t often feel real attraction but let me just say that Mirror Kira stirs something within me


Here we go again.


season 6 is full galactic heroes huh

fuck odo apparently


Lately my thoughts have been with that Kahless clone. I know he’s supposed to suck, but I feel like the few times he popped up on DS9, he should have sucked twice as hard just to drive the point across.


He actually showed up? I only recall references being made about him, usually regarding how utterly powerless he was to affect any influence on the direction of the Empire and how Gowron was running things.


I think he stands around in the background of Gowron’s throne room in two episodes.


Both Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actors Armin Shimerman and Max Grodénchik’s scenes were deleted. However, Grodénchik’s appearance as a Trill can be seen in the deleted scenes on the DVD Special Edition. Armin Shimerman’s appearance as Quark can be seen in the photo gallery of the DVD. Quark would have been seen vacationing on the Ba’ku planet, having arrived there via the USS Ticonderoga.

What the fuck



Shimerman commented “While I was doing DS9, Michael Piller was writing Insurrection. We would have dinner parties every now and then and he would say ‘there’s a scene for Quark’. At one dinner party, he would say I was in, and another he’d say I was out. Eventually he said that he had put in [Quark] in in the final version and I was in. Rick Berman called me at home and offered me the part a couple of days later. I pretended to not know anything because that’s the Hollywood thing to do, and the next thing I knew I was shooting the movie”.

(From the Insurrection Deleted Scenes wiki)


Was there going to be just a quick goofer of a scene where Worf hurries the last of the Baaku into the caves, turns to check that he’s gotten everyone, and sees fucking Quark with one of those tanning reflector tri-folds, laying by the beach in huge sunglasses?


Not sure it’s a universe for theme parkery but I’d warp 9 if they make it so.


original saru concept looks wild


tfw molly is staying the night at the Frederickson’s



i took this gif before getting to the end of the episode and it ends up being kind of tragic with some context


I’ve been watching The Animated Series lately.
It is so much better then I expected. The show is a standard 20 minute cartoon, so instead of an A plot and a B plot, it is tightly focused on just one plot line. Standard formula seems to be starting with a science mission, getting into trouble and getting out of it again. Straightforward ‘man in a hole’ stories. This was made during a writing strike that didn’t apply to animation so it got better writers then it otherwise would have.
If you can stomach cheap animation it is really good.




also this is a comic book that is happening


Goddddddddddd why does it have to be Kurtzman

  • A teen-oriented series set at Starfleet Academy from Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz, the duo behind the recent Dynasty reboot and Marvel’s Runaways adaptation.

Was Runaways any good?

  • A limited series with a currently confidential plot.
  • A limited series based around the beloved character Khan, from the original Star Trek and the classic film The Wrath of Khan—something that’s been rumored for a while as being spearheaded by Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer.

Mmmmmight be good?

  • An animated series with another currently confidential plot.


I adore the idea of a Star Trek animated series. It would have less budgetary issues, be way easier to include classic actors, and likely be way less grimdark than Discovery.

Like you probably wouldn’t build a whole DS9 set, but you might make a CGI DS9 in a post Dominion war set series.

And ideally that’s where the animated series would be set, since theoretically some of the other shows would be set around the same time as Discovery so they could share props and costumes to reduce costs.


I’ve been rewatching DS9.
Season 2 sure stacked a bunch of sad ending episodes together.

This series has distracting extras.
Guys walking REALLY slowly looking around trying not to look too out of place in small rooms.
People looking at wares and nodding for extended periods.
Once you start to look at the extras it’s hard to want to look at the main characters.


Not really, no