To Go Boldly


This is really fascinating, I hadn’t heard it before but it makes so much sense!


i love this


Still weirds me out that he’s that into the Alamo though.


fuck this show lol


Just watched a Beavis and Butt-Head episode where they’re watching some TOS. Butt-Head says they gotta watch out for the Klingons near Uranus


i haven’t really been posting but kylie and i have been going through DS9 for a few months and we’re on season 4 now, it’s Very Good

nice to have a 90s show that didnt kill its gays (the dax one), especially trans-coded ones

i don’t have the energy to say much else about the show other than yeah, it’s great. except maybe the ferengi stuff gets to be… more than i’d want, sometimes (the ferengi time travel episode makes up for it though (some of the show’s best ~world-building~ comes out of off-hand jokes about things like the ferengi afterlife but i’m glad they’re relying less on running gags like the rules of acquisition at this point. and having less episodes where Quark Totally Fucks because jesus, no, stop))


thanks for reading my post!


there are some really REALLY bad ferengi episodes to come, be forewarned. Its really bad. Just pretend they don’t exist like the rest of DS9 fans do.


I’m still in season 1 of DS9, been watching like 1-3 episodes a week. almost like watching it live. maybe i’ll take a 3 month long break between seasons, keep it consistent.

Just watched the (entirely pointless but pleasingly stupid) episode where everyone’s imaginations run wild and also Bashir dreams up a horny Dax and then gets really embarrassed.

Apparently O’Brien’s fantasy was originally going to be a leprechaun, but he got pissed and made them change it to Rumpelstiltskin. Good on ya Colm.

The Gunji jackdaw which appears on the promenade was played by an emu.

It wasn’t played by an emu. It was just a fucking emu. I loved how stupid that was.


Just finished watching Duet, the one where the Cardassian guy pretends to be a war criminal so he can expose Cardassian atrocities. the plot was totally contrived but I enjoyed the stage-play-like nature of it, especially the ending where the guy just gets stabbed and dies and Kira plainly states the moral of the story.

It sounds like I’m being backhanded here but I genuinely enjoyed how plain the ending was, and the twists/turns being used to expose Kira’s personality and force her to grow.

Anyway on to episode 19


Going through ds9 still, all up in season 5 now and except for the Risa ep (it’s not great, although I don’t hate it cos healthy sexual politics) it’s a real niceness to rediscover the best existing season of Star Trek


can i skip them?


When will y’all see the light and just watch Babylon 5 for better versions of every DS9 story arc.


baby5 is strictly inferior in just about every way!

Like, there are cool bits of it but Baby5 is lord of the rings in space with underwhelming plotting and an interstellar war resolved by having a dad captain give a stern talking to to the angels and the devils

baby5 feels more similar to the first two season of andromeda than it does to ds9


for the most part, yes I think so. I can’t remember if they had any b-plots that were series relevant. check episode descriptions and if they mention quark’s mom they’re probably skippable. (I’d double check with that Max Temkin list)


the only quark’s-mom episode we’ve seen was really, really uncomfortable so fair enough


rom has a good arc i think


Oh yeah the rom specific episodes are good

Nog’s arc is great


How dare you


A c list comic book writer should not have taken on the absurd task of writing almost every single episode of a 5 season tv series (ahead of time, no less!)


He absolutely should have because he did a kickass job of it