To Go Boldly


Really wondering why they didn’t just do the untold Romulan War story if they were so horny for a desolate war show. I mean it would at least fit the tone a lot better than titling it “Star Trek Discovery.”

Also, I’d love to know how many cooks they had in this particular kitchen, because the war storyline with Tyler’s PTSD seems completely unrelated to the spore/mycelial network storyline, which seems completely unrelated to the Mirror Universe storyline. Hell, even the mycelial network story didn’t really feel like it had anything to do with the tardigrate, when all was said and done.


sometimes i watch the tng episode birthright just to see deep space nine in hd


You know, I will say this much for Discovery

I think the post TNG Klingons, the Federation Allies, like at the point where there’s just like a chill Klingon chef on DS9 I think my mind is still in that space thinking about them

But if you watch like The Undiscovered Country, the hateful, racist attitudes among the Feds about Klingons are very much in line with people who have lived through the war we’ve seen depicted

So maybe this is like a “Nicholas Meyer” thing as like the common creative denominator between the movies and Discovery?

Again, the Klingons in Discovery are not even at the level of the TOS movie Klingons but it was just an interesting context for me.

Also I always have to immediately watch Flashback on Voyager after Undiscovered country just so brain can go


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Nice work CBS


delete this




Like, you can’t even say that Discovery “did an episode about Trump.” They did one strained reference to Trump in the middle of an otherwise unrelated situation, and they had to make a character suddenly super racist to make it work.

Say what you will about how paper-thin some of the allegory in TOS was, at least they devoted a full episode to the concept.


I’ve been watching DS9, it’s a nice breath of fresh air after this show. I watched a fair amount of it as a kid but remember almost literally nothing about it which is weird. Like, I remember the characters as archetypes but that’s about it.

The first few episodes are remarkably strong! I expected it to be quite a bit weaker. That said, the Q episode is unsettlingly gross and ultimately pointless. But I really liked Sisko’s defense of Jadzia Dax as a way for him to work through his own issues having a friend who has significantly changed.

It’s obvious that they’re frontloading the episodes with familiar characters (there have already been two O’Brien-centric-ish episodes, one of which was only okay (the one where the replicators make everyone have a disease where they can’t connect words and ideas and so they talk all weird) and the one where the first gamma quadrant alien arrives but he’s prey in a Predator The Movie sort of situation and O’Brien has to come to terms with this very alien way of living) (then there was the Very Bad Q episode) so I’m hoping the later part of the season leans a little bit more into the “new” characters.

Quark is wonderful. Odo: also wonderful.

Bashir is, wow, what a sleazeball! I hope he’s less slimy later!!! Maybe I just judge horniness too harshly. I don’t remember him being such a horny bastard but I also missed a lot of stuff as a kid. Maybe Garak will tone him down some. He’s…very obviously flirty. I know this never comes to fruition (this was covered above, I think) but it’s fun to watch anyway.

The Kira/Sisko dynamic has quickly changed from adversarial to mostly fine, which is a bit disappointing I suppose, but I’m sure there will be more tension later.

This is literally like a new Star Trek show to me because I remember so little of it, which makes me pretty happy.

I still have not watched the final episode of Discovery.


Kira/Sisko stuff never gets too focused on but there’s a couple great moments in later seasons, mainly addressing the whole awkwardness of him basically being a huge figure in her religion crossed with his general discomfort with that status and how that kind of puts a certain distance in their relationship.


My ex vocally hated Kira. should have known right then and there

Clint how far along are you? I’m rewatching too! If you don’t think the first season is bad, just wait until move along home. The uptick in quality mid-season 2 is really drastic and makes the first season look comparatively very very silly - indication of how good the show is overall.

Bashir does get significantly less sleazy. I came to really like him by the end on my first trip through. Bashir is the part of the DS9 writing curve that sticks out most though bc he’s so actively revolting in the beginning.


Bashir is my favorite DS9 character I think. I do vaguely recall finding him off putting at first but it all pays off. It’s probably just writers finding the right voice for him but it reads to me like a really subtle character arc, as in he starts out as kind of a sleazy egotistical womanizer that gives O’Brien extreme old school British class anxiety, but then they end up becoming best friends and Bashir ends up just as a really solid dude.

And then they introduce the idea that he’s the result of rogue genetic engineering experiments and it kind of retroactively makes his initial dickishness make more sense. He just… doesn’t know how to act human. Which is the defining trait in most of the most relatable Star Trek characters, because Star Trek is a show about and for people who desperately want to be human but don’t know how.


I wasn’t really offput by Bashir in the beginning but I also think the actor is very attractive so it was hard for me to look past that


I think some of it at least was. After all part of his initial deal was wanting to be the heroic frontier doctor and shit, like his first meeting with Kira where he firmly inserts foot in mouth as he unintentionally ends up basically insulting Bajorans to Kira’s face, and perfectly epitomized the mistrust she had for Starfleet at the time as a bunch of self righteous assholes who think they’re better than everybody else.


I’m about to watch the one you’re saying is really bad, actually. It’s listed as episode 9 on Netflix but elsewhere as 10, so that’s confusing.

That mullet is powerful.

I remember liking Bashir a lot when I was younger so yeah, I know that he chills out a bit. I do remember the genetically modified thing about him but only vaguely.

Where are you in your rewatch nocode?

EDIT: oh god this episode is bad


One of the main reasons I love ds9 so much is because I watched it with someone who knew exactly which episodes to skip


I should try it again sometime, I found the first season so flat compared to TNG and never made it back


It’s the best first season of a Star Trek since TOS

TOS is the only Star Trek to have a good first season (actually an excellent first season)


I’m lucky that I love bad tv.

I mean, I watched the first two seasons of the blacklist, I’m not exactly discerning


I just rewatched Take Me Out to the Holosuite. Why do Vulcans bother putting up with humans at all?

And ironically Enterprise did the best pre-Trump Trump episodes with that final Peter Weller arc.


I’m a big Bashir fan because the writers eventually try to write him like he’s Data, but Alexander Siddig didn’t want to be Data. He started pumping more and more emotion into his acting as a pushback.

So what ends up happening is having a character that looks at the world in a very technical way, with really big feelings, Who mostly relates with other people through his interests.

Which means he accidentally became one of the best depictions of an autistic character on TV almost entirely by accident.