To Go Boldly


do y’all think they cracked this motherfuckers bones and whatnot tyler style lol


since the federation wants to keep all the mirror universe stuff classified what in the fuck is the “on the record” version of the discovery disappearing for nine months and winning the war and how do they expect an entire crew (i mean theoretically there’s a crew) to keep it secret

and again, georgiou is established as someone who is as famous and decorated as archer/pike they’re just letting her doppelganger screw around because she had the brilliant idea to “blow up the planet” i just


The fan servicey parts make it real weird when the show just fucks up plausible events. Is there someone pulling out TOS references to drop into the Into Darkness-type script?

Beyond did this shit so much better with the weird fondness for ENT but Simon Pegg is probably to thank.


I am positive it was 100% the work of Simon Pegg exclusively that made Beyond the least worst of the Trek reboot movies.


you know what i’m gonna revise the idea that cornwell is “a maniac” a little bit. she was kidnapped, tortured, left for dead and there were people she cared about on starbase one. and none of these terrible klingons besides l’rell has given her any indication they are interested in anything but the extermination of the human race. plus she just found out about lorca. like narratively there’s enough of an emotional justification to work with (don’t know what sarek’s deal is), but the execution just doesn’t land whatsoever because of all the time we spent in the mirror universe instead of the war and the fact that she just gives up afterwards

oh well


give Justin Lin some credit


Man, why didn’t they get Lin to finish Han Solo? If they want F&F in space they’d get it.


this is such a good idea and now i will always be angry that it didn’t happen

maybe we will soon get to see: Justin Lin Presents: Now This is Podracing: The Sebulba Chronicles


I keep thinking of more things: having Tyler going back with L’rell and the Klingons after his entire PTSD arc just because he doesn’t “fit in” or some kinda realpolitik nonsense where he’s an ambassador for his former torturers or something is waaaay out of control

EDIT: also they’re just “trusting” him to go to the klingons with all the intelligence he has after he was specifically put there as a spy !


He can even tease good passable performances out of wooden white guys


I’m not sure 2018 is ready for jar jar and watto


ok but the outfits the away team wore were all incredible


all the ugly outfits that wouldn’t be out of place on TOS are my favs





If the whole show looked exactly like that second picture I would probably be extremely into it :confused:


i said this before the show started but now it should happen even more tbh


The space whale time loop episode of Disco got our hopes absolutely sky-fucking-high, because it was the best this show ever got by leagues:

  • Space whales
  • Rainn Wilson’s Mudd
  • TOS goofin’
  • Stamets high as shit on spores
  • Great Lorca
  • Great Tilly
  • Mothra’s Favorite Disco Scene feat. Stamets slow-dancing in the hallways with Michael
  • Disco party feat. everyone gettin’ FUCKED up and ruddy
  • Good Michael/Tyler scenes
  • Mudd’s wife and dad



Haven’t posted in a while, just lurking, but I thought I would chime in with my thoughts on the show. I haven’t watched the finale yet.

I forgave this show for a lot of stuff (Mainly the depiction of the Klignons, the whole eating the dead enemies thing was bs) and I agree that the time/space whale episode was the best. But when they killed off Culber I was pretty damn pissed and I have not liked anything since they hit the mirror universe. You guys have said everything better than I could but killing off Culber was completely unnecessary for story or feels or whatever. (Why the hell wasn’t there an assistant there at that moment, the bloody sick bay was always crawling with them and that should have been a red shirt death)

I knew this was gonna happen to this show. This, for lack of a better word, “modernization” into what a lot of tv is doing these days since so called prestige tv. Short seasons with just plot arc heavy eps, main character deaths and edgy shit plastered everywhere. Every thing just feels so hastened and has no time to breath. I know the Star Trek that I love is practically impossible in the modern day tv formats but it still sucks to see this happen to Star Trek.


Okay so, that finale. Good god.

I’ll say I legit enjoyed the first half quite a bit. It sucks that the klingon homeworld is just An Episode Of Syfy’s Defiance™ in this new rebooted edgy Trekverse. Absolutely nobody on the planet acted anything like the klingons we’ve seen in their military, up until now. They acted like regular human beings with makeup on, which is generally how Star Trek goes. Joining them were green humans, with like, no attempt even slightly made to make them look like some kind of vaguely alien race. How the fuck did Discovery make such a radical leap with klingons, then go backwards all the way to TOS for the Orions? It’s weird. On Enterprise they had like this rigid gender-class system where the males were dumbass worker drones and the females were pheromone queen bees. Here, it’s just like, okay everyone is a normal human but they’re green.

That said, I enjoyed them just putting together a team, going down to a planet, and trying to gather info. It was nice just seeing them talk to each other and talk to people without shit exploding every five seconds. I really loved Tilly, in particular - she is a joy to watch and I’m glad she got high as shit and was dumb as hell and also smart as hell at the same time.

The Tyler scenes were also reletively interesting, so, that’s good to see. I wouldn’t mind just getting more insight into klingon culture through him.

The emperor was kinda fun in places. I still wish it was evil Lorca but whatever I guess, fuck it.

Michael existed and occupied space, then later gave a speech that probably Saru should’ve given.

Now the entire last half of this ep was, of course, absurd garbage, thrown together in a panic and devoid of any sort of meaning or payoff or affecting drama. I cannot a-beeelieve that the solution to every single problem in this show was “threaten everyone into peace with a planet-annihilating bomb.” Michael makes this big song and dance about how the emperor’s plan “isn’t Starfleet” and how “our ideals are all we have,” but then like, they end the war and she redeems herself by using the actual real threat of a horrible non-Starfleet Terran Empire plan.

Like, they have put a bomb under their enemy’s home, given the detonator to a dictator that they approve of, and forced the government of the empire to accept her as their ruler, or they will all die. So what, Starfleet ideals are upheld through fear? The Federation survives through a threat? How fucked up is it that the empire’s second-in-command is a Federation-installed earth-aligned human? Fuck you! At least own it, like the emperor would, rather than backpatting yourself for “sticking to your principles” just because it’s not your finger on that detonator! Fucking hell, that is some hypocrisy.

Also like, this one’s a nitpick, but why the fuck would L’Rell do anything Starfleet asked, or told her to do? She fucking hates those people. She saw her love go through hell just so he could destroy them from within, then when that didn’t work, they mocked her, “killed” the Vok personality, beat her, then told her they’d installed a bomb under her home and gave her the detonator. And then assigned the walking talking zombie corpse of Vok to watch her. Is there a fucking chance in HELL she would ever use that detonator? Wouldn’t she gently seal that into a triple-locked box the first free second she got?

And why wouldn’t she just let the fleet destroy Earth? She wants that pretty goddamn bad after her messiah was killed by a Starfleet officer - the same one that just beat her and installed a bomb.

God, that was dumb.

Why would any klingon at all believe her? That is an insane thing to do - hold up a PDA and claim that there is a BOMB AT THE HEART OF THE PLANET I AM ON THAT I WILL DETONATE IF YOU DO NOT ELECT ME PRESIDENT


Yeah I do not want to spend more time with this crew, if this is the shit we’re going to have to put up with. I really wish they went with the anthology concept so we could get a fresh start in season 2. Like, what more do they have to say? Do anyone want to watch them explore a universe that’s already been explored in previous shows?

Really chafes my nips that Saru apparently isn’t captain, too. I guess he’s just gonna stay as second-in-command to some new actor? Ugh.


so just to be clear, this is not gonna be like an AHS anthology show like originally planned, right?

i liked a lot of the actors, but the writing was super bad, so i totally wouldn’t hate having the same cast do an entirely different season with different characters.

that bridge crew went through so much Battlestar Galactica/dark universe horseshit and barely had 15 minutes total of acknowledgment and for some reason the moment that irked me most in the finale was when they breezed by them in the medal ceremony

i never thought i’d see a Star Trek that made me more interested in seeing that one season of Enterprise but here we are