To Go Boldly


man if i squint real hard i can almost buy this as a linear design progression


of course “the cage” takes place two years before “The battle of the binary stars” so continuity is already fuckin way out the window


That got me googling where the hell the Enterprise during all this, and that got me to a Mem Alpha article about some Discovery prequel pocket novel where they work with the Pike-era Enterprise, and there was this line:

Mack “addressed the difference in the ships’ aesthetics to a human tendency to want to redesign even the simplest things every few years.” The differences in technology were also explained: “I posited that the use of subspace holograms had fallen out of favor by the time the Enterprise was built because the holograms were bandwidth hogs on subspace channels and prone to encryption flaws. And while the interfaces on the Shenzhou’s bridge look fancier, the characters who serve on the Enterprise feel proud that their ship is so advanced that it doesn’t need all these gadgets to get the job done.” Regarding uniforms, “the crews of the Enterprise and other Constitution-class ships are considered elite units, so they’ve been issued special “diplomatic” uniforms to designate their status.”


Would be more interesting if this was a third timeline, and the federation loses the war to the klingons and the Discovery goes to the main timeline to escape and discover the neutral zone solution and are just like

“wow, we suck”

“also our ships are way, way cooler”

“but everyone we know is dead so that sucks”


I mean, I guess when you have devices that can effectively make matter for free, and you can redesign your entire ship to match your mirror universe counterpart in a matter of hours, there’s nothing stopping you from making constant redesigns.

Honestly the original design looks more like something from IKEA which is somehow fitting.


You just know at some point they’re going to do a mission with the Defiant or something, and they are absolutely not going to think to warn them at all about their horrible future fate, and that ship’s bridge is going to look completely revamped and redesigned and all hope will be lost from continuity nerds


this is absurd and i’m lovin it


You CAN’T warn them about their fate because then the discovery wouldn’t have known about them and the whole mirror arc would have been different thereby causing TIME PROBLEMS

So it’ll be another one of those “difficult moral choices” that actually is just absurd and bad


Well, yeah, true.

I was gonna say Lorca would have just come up with some other reason as to why they had to raid the Emperor’s ship, but, if the Defiant never showed up and Empress Hoshi never happened, things probably wouldn’t have panned out the same way a hundred years later.

And it wouldn’t matter at all for the Discovery crew what happened in Mirror Mirror, since that hasn’t happened yet for them.

You know, it’s pretty crazy how fucking up time for your universe would also fuck up time for every other universe, if it works like Star Trek says it does.


The idea that the future would have streamlined cleaner designs, with information privacy considered - seems plausible.
No-one but Spock can read Spock’s eye-piece display thingy.

Star Trek and TNG lighting and design fits with prequels, design wise.
TNG looks like they are exploring the galaxy from a living room, which is perfect.

Voyager is the only piece that doesn’t really fit design-wise.
Why would the new ship have worse lighting?


They could probably get away with the same bridge console placement and screen placement, and then they just make it all look sleek. Half of what makes the original bridge look so shitty was that it was made out of like cardboard and carpet with coffee stains here and there.

Okay on an unrelated note, one nitpicky thing that bugged me about the whole mirror universe jump: So there’s an existing ISS Discovery that they swapped places with, right? Which the Terran Empire was apparently using to track down and blow up rebel ships? Why would they even make a science-class ship like that with underpowered weapons, instead of pumping out another warship?

It’s not like it has the USS Discovery’s spore drive or anything, right? It has no tactical advantage, it’s just a science vessel they have no apparent idea what to do with but make it try to kill rebels.

Hell, the Crossfield-class was built AROUND the spore drive, right? Like the Discovery and its sister ship are these state-of-the-art ships built to prove out the spore drive tech. So this class of ship wouldn’t even exist over there.

This is the kind of shit that bugs me when they don’t have a sense of humor about any of this, and we’re meant to take it all completely seriously despite the fact that we’re going back to the entire alternate universe where everything is the same but everyone is evil.


Always had more of a car interior vibe to me. Relative to the time of course.


totally about to do the same thing i did for twin peaks the return finale and subscribe for the free trial on amazon watch the episode and immediately cancel lol


tonights finale contains i believe the first use of the phrase “owned” in star trek history


I like Matt Mira struggling to summon enthusiasm for the post show every week but more so tonight.

What a piece of shit finale


we don’t get the show until like 6 hours from now, and it’s always interesting reading this thread just before seeing the episode myself

you’ve got me fired up for tonight, though


burnham’s final speech could have ended with “in conclusion space is a land of contrasts” for all it was worth


this thing doesn’t come back until 2020 i bet if i really applied myself i could take over as head writer in the next year


TNG had a weird 1st Season. A good writer could save a Star Trek series, right?

Even if you just want to burn it down, you could do so with such aplomb.
Like a time-travel episode that somehow saves Lal and puts her in the Discovery Mirror-verse.


I guess all Trek admirals are maniacs but I kinda wish they hadn’t dragged Sarek into this.

So like the comparison for me when it comes to the Feds trying to murder an entire planet save themselves is the Changeling Virus on DS9. On DS9 we saw the actual, on the ground stakes of the war. We saw actual battles and the stakes of those battles and the drumbeat of war grinding down our characters who we’d actually had time to get to know. There was a fully fleshed out, 3 dimensional enemy with multiple factions and stakes and conflicts of their own. We saw earth attacked. We saw the federation had been invaded at even the highest level by enemy spies. You could understand how a rogue wing of the government would come up with something as desperate as this.

On Discovery we see like a mining colony attacked one time, space debris from a starbase, the RTS map from the nine months of war we missed, and a handful of ships headed towards Earth.

Discovery as a Starfleet war story was basically completely outclassed by the Xindi War on Enterprise.

This show is so desperate, so needy for approval, the theme song, the prestige credits, the “adult” language by bravely letting the ADHD character say shit and fuck, the sex and nudity. We’re really Star Trek™ we promise! Look here’s the enterprise, here’s the 60s theme you like that right? But please please take but us seriously we’re like an HBO show I swear.

The AV club review had a lot of good points I agree with, the fact that we have barely seen or touched on Klingon culture despite spending what feels like centuries with these fuckers grunting and spitting with the T’Kuvma crew. And it seems like such a weird choice to make a weird Orion outpost the first thing we see actually on Qo’Nos. That outpost was the most SyFy original series thing yet! Again Enterprise had basically similar dark/edgy strip club gambling fake Bladerunner shit 20 years ago (with actually a few slightly more imaginative touches)

I mean I guess the cyber tattoos were kind neat

I can’t get mad at more Clint Howard though even with his kinda generic role lol

Michelle Yeoh’s deadly sexy bisexual antics fit in fine with Mirror Kira and the like I guess although as usual with Star Trek there’s no particular evidence that any of the writers has had sex

I will give the Orion outpost this. The rowdy goofy Klingons who were gambling actually felt like real actual recognizable Klingons instead of Game of Thrones lizards in a Star Wars Prequel

I mean I would have said that it was a bad idea for an Admiral who is literally a psychologist to force an entire crew of people to be complicit in genocide but I guess, to be fair, with this show there is no particular evidence whatsoever that anyone besides Michael and Tyler are affected by trauma

So there’s an unguarded open hole in a church that if you drop a bomb inside you can kill everyone on the planet and now the bomb is coded to L’Rell’s lifesigns and if they don’t do what she says or try to kill her she will suicide bomb them so now she’s the boss

Somehow in the last episode, this show came up with dumbest idea they ever had

These people were so obsessed with making the end mirror the beginning without actually taking stock of what it took to do it

I love Michelle Yeoh but again they sure act like having a genocidal dictator on the loose is like they met some rascally con-artist and are like “I know we’ll tangle again in some more wacky adventures” fucking winking to the camera

Again, no where close to earning that ending speech/montage. “I know it’s hard to be good because I was bad so I know best: we should be good instead of bad” Hooray! What absolute drivel. Sarek might as well have said out loud “congratulations michael you completed your character arc” fucking video game ass bullshit fuck you

Anyway I’m 100% in for a new season looking forward to it.

Now I’m wondering if CBS all access will even last long enough to air this show when it comes back. Wonder if it will show up on network tv and just have a weirdly “edgy” beginning like when Stargate SG-1 went to basic cable

Guess I have to make a video essay about this lol


It kills me how much I like Tilly, Stamets, Saru, the lady with the ocular implant, etc. when the show expects me to care so much about the strange and psychopathic core characters. Michael is like pouty Janeway and the other two are literally space cannibals and NO ONE SEEMS TO REGISTER THIS.

Give me a goddamn lower deck engineering episode without someone committing murder.

Tilly’s canny ADHD is good but I may be predisposed to it.

Fuck that cliffhanger.