To Go Boldly


Ok I finally caught up

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the atypically peak tv first half would give way to a charmless mirror universe of eternal grimdarkness… Does that mean that the mycelial network is actually the realm of chaos? When will tzeentch show up? Why is eating sentient species still the predominant motif of the show?


Go Nagai’s Star Trek


realizing that at some point in the future michael is probably going to talk to mirror sarek from across the vulcan astral plane


The katra of mirror sarek will pass into prime sarek when mirror sarek dies (after mirror spock is born? He should already be born right?)


i refuse to watch the orville because i will have to admit that seth macfarlane made a better star trek show than the currently running star trek


i keep telling myself that his Cosmos wasn’t so bad so maybe this would be alright and all my friends who really love TNG & DS9 say it’s not so bad, actually kinda good even

but like


it is definitely, like, a reliably mediocre TNG fan knockoff

his character is by far the least interesting, a quarter to a third of the episodes* should be straight up skipped, and it’s almost never better than TNG at its worst, but … I really like TNG, and too many people insisted I get over my dislike of seth macfarlane to watch it, so I caved.

*: the first two are pretty poor, mostly down to their focus on macfarlane’s character arc, but hard to skip because they set up the show and lead directly into the third which is very borderline but well-intentioned, 7 is an outright bad black mirror takeoff, and the last two are pretty poor because of macfarlane again. I would say, watch 1-10 minus 7 knowing it improves a bit but don’t get your hopes up too high.


Lol there is literally no way to reconcile all this mirror shit with Mirror, Mirror unless literally everyone involved had their minds wiped. Never thought there’d be wackier prequel continuity nonsense than Ferengi and Borgs and whatnot on Enterprise but there you go

Like…if DISCO had been more episodic and less serialized at least we coulda had a couple of good standalones instead of the whole thing being weighed down by this long con of a plot.

A transporter malfunction in an ion storm being the way Lorca got over was the most Trek thing about this episode.

Was glad to see the bridge crew actually be addressed like people and have multiple lines tonight! Was very glad to see Michelle Yeoh’s Classic High Kicks even if they were shot terribly.

Ah Landry, the classic Discovery security chief we all knew and loved and definitely remembered. What a huge impact to see her in the mirror universe, where because of the way this show is written, she basically had…the exact same personality.

Was half groaning at the Make The Empire Glorious Again line but this weeks X-Files had way worse Outer Space Trump gags so I was primed I guess lol.

All the Treks seem like they’re terrible for lower decks workaday people but Discovery really efficiently packs in the trauma in such a short amount of time.

I was really hoping at the end there they’d end up in TOS or TNG era or something but 9 months into a losing Klingon War is like the worst possible choice they could have made. I mean prolong Discovery getting the feds the message about how to defeat Klingons, stretch your little plot out, fine but this…this is such a bad idea. And trading one “we can only win the war by being edgy” mirror person for another is just so pointless.

This show is functionally a random post-Battlestar Syfy Original Series except these characters are not as well developed.

I am dreading imagining a season 2 where they are still fighting this boring war and Tyler is still trying to keep Voq under control or some shit. Jesus what kind of “Best of Both Worlds” x1000 wild season cliffhanger are these fools capable of

Just so I’m keeping track, for someone like Detmer or Saru who was transferred from the Shenzou: The person who helped start the war and got your captain killed is invited onboard with free run of the place, the security officer is killed, you are trapped in a hell universe while the engineer is in a coma, the replacement security officer turns out to be Klingon and murders the doctor, your new Captain turns out to be a mirror man, and a mirror version of your old captain is invited onboard. Like…shit dude. Goddamn.

Honestly this show’s biggest failure is that the relentless plot machine with almost no crew downtime barely offers us the tiniest hint of anyone’s interiority outside of Michael or the Klingons. This entire crew is being dragged through a wild nightmare and the majority of reactions we get to it is a vague wide eyed “welp”.

man this thing


Okay what if the Klingons appearance and cannibalism and terribleness are because they tried some Bad Science to fight the augment virus which turned them all into Boring Angry Lizards and what if Tyler as Voq escapes to find the only other Klingons who will accept him are some remaining augments in exile or quarantine or whatever and then all the bronzeface fu-manchu boys show up again to wreck shit (and infect everyone?) and take over the Empire in chaos with their wily foreign cunning I’m just saying that would be


ok so i don’t not mean to edgelord too hard but i don’t think the Klingons eating their slain enemies is such a huge deal? like, they believe the corpse is just an empty shell, right, and if something that’s nbd to them can mess with their enemies then great– oh wait but they interred all their ppl on the outside of the ship of the dead hey. hm


i mean they never are specific about what blood wine actually is lol


I am just not going to get my bottle episode of Mirror Tilly’s terroristic escapades in the Prime universe am I

I hope they slow down for the second season. Isn’t the point of being on a streaming service that it doesn’t necessitate stupid pacing?

I like the non-murderous characters a lot, maybe more than any other crew save TNG, but it feels like the Star Trek episodes are happening off-screen adjacent to the GoT schlock drama. We got a few minutes of very brief pep talks and problem solving last night while the runtime got ate up by chewing scenery. The Charon has a fucking moon door.


There was one blessed moment in this entire show where I was completely taken with what could be: Stamets dancing with Michael in the hallway, in the time loop episode, talking to her about existing in the singular moment, rather than frantically getting overwhelmed by the tide of action.



this is my new favorite botnik thank you

it’s perfect

i can’t even pick out favorite lines because i’d have to do like the whole thing


Okay, all caught up.

That was an insane mix of dumb fun, enormous disappointment, lost opportunities, and cool crazy horseshit. I guess, right off the bat, why spend two episodes in a miserable aimless slog through the hellverse, then once everything’s all set up, only devote ONE episode to bringing it all to a conclusion? They JUST revealed Lorca was a mirror universe usurper of the throne, which I fucking loved, and now they devote a single episode to him fully overthrowing the empire, taking over the city-sized capital flagship, casually revealing himself to be a racist and hand-wringing villain, then being thwarted in a cartoon kickfight before getting pushed into a deus ex machina ship-exploder.

Like that just sucks. I wanted a lot more from this whole situation, considering what we had to put up with to get here. It’s the same with every other major twist they’ve thrown at us so far - nothing comes of any of it. Vok was immediately disarmed and imprisoned the instant his plan came to fruition. Lorca was immediately defeated and killed the instant his plan came to fruition. Evil Stamets does jack and dies when the show stops knowing what to do with him. What the fuck was the point of any of this? Why spend so much time frantically setting it all up if they’re just going to knock it down and reset to zero within one episode?

Ugh. Was really hoping for Lorca to have undergone some change during his time in the Federation, and for him to return as captain, because then we’d have actual interesting character chemistry in the future. Then all of this would’ve added something. Also why the blue fuck did we set up Tilly as captain if she NEVER GOT TO DO ANYTHING?! HOLY shit that was disappointing.

Things I enjoyed:

  • Lorca was great. I liked just watching him lead a rebellion to overtake the ship and just generally be a dumb fun action guy.
  • I honestly enjoyed the fight. It was fucking ridiculous and fun. I wish this show either committed to full farce, or allowed some kind of light-hearted touch here and there.
  • Some good action with the Discovery itself. That warp-into-reality-web-navigation sequence was cool, and I genuinely loved the visuals of everything involved.
  • Really glad Saru is captain now, rather than Michael. If Michael had been made captain, good god.





Whenever a blogger praises Michael’s character I’m like what no are we watching the same show is this not baffling to you

Like, maybe spend an episode deciding whether to back the revolutionaries in the fascist government universe??


Why didn’t they have Lorca be the leader of the rebels? Or trying to use them, at least? Then you could have the big explodin’ arc-ender be about the humans swabbling for the throne, the rebels swooping in to exploit that by attacking the core, and then Lorca somewhat sympathetic, ending up back on Discovery when it all goes to shit.

I am really pissed this evil universe captain thing went nowhere.


I love Michelle Yeoh but Mirror Georgiou is a racist slaveholding genocidal dictator who eats people and keeping her…around…as a force in the plot is just madness