this is a j-pop thread and i'm sorry


the even less respectable successor to my j-rock thread

and i uploaded the full version of Promise here since it’s not on youtube:


(Actually by Shigeru Suzuki):


japanese pop music owns


Yeah, J-Pop is a million times better than J-Rock how dare you!!!


this one’s maybe not pop strictly but it’s pop to me

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it’s impossible to find downloads for things on the eng-lang internet (i really want to listen through kohmi hirose’s discography, for example). don’t know if things would be different if i started messing with google translate

can folks pm me any good sources they know about for this stuff?


the whole album is pretty good!

the bassline in that second track :o

EDIT: that sax solo in “1984”…!!


Jpopsuki is the jpop private tracker. I can send you an invite if you want. is a good starting point for downloading things, if you’re interested in golden era stuff. Links from that page will lead you to other eras.

edit: and there’s, but that won’t get you music, just infos.




Just PM me you email : )

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I should actually post some songs hey.

(I feel like I post the same things over and over but… maybe I actually don’t…)

Akina Nakamori is great. Maybe Bitter and Sweet is my favourite album? She has lots of good songs.

Along with Bitter and Sweet, Tatsuro Yamashita’s Ride on Time and Itoh Chieri’s Hello are my fave J-Pop albums I think.

Asano Yuko has a disco album I quite like, but I picked this song that’s not on it.

Some fashion pop:
Keiko Kimura

Kaoru Akimoto
(Dress Down - not on Youtube anymore??)

All the good Noriko Sakai videos are borked.


Youtube is ruins.

I guess I’ll just post this instead:

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I still see several up? Maybe a region thing?


Yeah, I guess so. Weird region to block.



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This channel seems to post a lot of good shit: