The Playstation Vita is Seven Years Old

It came out on this day in 2011 with…a bad microtransaction Ridge Racer. The answer to if you shoud buy one is still absolutely not but you will be happy with it if you do.

Can you hack this shit easily and play some sick GBA games on that big beautiful screen?

It leaves behind a legacy of two Ys games and a pile of bad to worse visual novels. But a portable is a good place to put visual novels so you can zone out as you play.

I guess it’s got the Danga Ronpas. Those are good to great. Do not play Another Episode it is terrible. The Uncharted game is also terrible.

MonPiece was a stinky rotten anime dumpster I was tricked into buying because The Card Game Is Actually Good. That is the touching game to make your anime monster girls more horny/powerful. It is fucking awful and anyone that can stand it has an incredible power level.

I guess it has Persona 4 The Golden on it and that is a good game. You can play persona 2s on it and those are probably ill suited for a portable environment.

Maybe the Boys Love visual novels are good? hakuoki et al.

I really loved/hated La Mulana on the thing. The screenshot feature was very useful. Going back to consoles where you cant take instant screenshots is crazy.

The Playstation Vita a good way to play PS1 and PSP games.®

the vita is the most luxurious-feeling handheld to ever exist.

i remember all those years ago, i though the 3ds would be so great, because the psp was such a turd and the original ds was so incredible. in december 2017, my 3ds hasn’t been turned on in months, while i’m not only still regularly playing my vita, i even buy games for it from time to time.

access to the psp’s library and a corporate-curated selection of the playstation library are a big help to the vita, too. finally the likes of kenka bancho and street fighter alpha 3 max were on a console that’s comfortable to hold and accepts diagonal inputs, and i don’t think the ps1’s rpgs have ever looked finer than they do on the vita. i wish i could play psychic force and bloody roar on it though. i hope someday, when they finally stop releasing games for it, hackers break it wide open and get saturn and dreamcast emulation on there and all kinds of other cool shit.


I’m gonna see how close you can get by building your own retroarch for an OLED iPhone and buying a GameVice™ controller for it because I’m a goon


I spent a lot of time with my Vita as a home for golden-age Indies I wanted in small bites – Hotline Miami, Vlambeer stuff, Spelunky (god Spelunky), La Mulana – almost everything good for a few years. Bought several PSP and PSX games for it.

Now it lives cracked wide open as an everything PSX and earlier box. I’ve been playing Faxanadu and Final Fantasy Legend 1 on the bus recently, unless the mood strikes and I switch over to Thunder Force IV.

Looks like the Switch will pick up indie ports for a few years so that makes me happy. And I’m happy that opening the Vita stopped my persistent dreams of buying Nvidia’s first flip-open controller/streaming Tegra device.

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They say that Nintendo controllers are often designed around a single game Miyamoto’s team was working on.

And Sony made that bet on Media Molecule’s Tearaway, and I couldn’t be bothered to play more than an hour of that clever, twee game. Sony’s always been moon-eyed about artsy-looking projects, and I love them for it,

Media Molecule bets don’t quite pan out. The vanguard of the user-generated content boom of 2008-2009 that petered out when we realized Minecraft would suffice (predictably Microsoft was years late to the crash, still pushing Project Spark until they learned they could just buy Mojang).

I just realized TiltBrush has completely erased my memory of their motion-control painting game.

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I haven’t turned on my handheld Vita since February and just look at this battery.

Throughout the years I owned a Vita and a 3DS I would invariably end up turning on my Vita instead of my 3DS despite the latter probably having more games worth playing because the Vita just feels so much better to hold and to use, and the screen is so nice. It’s just such an enjoyable piece of hardware. But those dang memory card prices made memory card management a huge pain in the butt because I always had to figure out what I wanted downloaded on my two cards at any particular point in time rather than just keeping most of my library ready for use.

I have a handheld Vita with the Numblast hack, and I understand hacking is even easier to do now, but I’ve never made any use of those features and I’ve been tempted to just update my Vita so I can use it for remoteplay or just to update games. I’ve got a Vita TV that also has the Numblast hack so I was thinking of maybe keeping that hacked instead. But is there really that much homebrew stuff for the Vita to keep it hacked?

I have no Vita but I got a PSTV because PS+ gave me tons of free games, some of which are maybe okay. And I have to play P4G one day. And that sequel to 999. The problem is that I will never be able to afford a memory card and so thus far it has just been used so some asshole who hated me could play MHFU in my living room for months after I introduced them to it.

I’m curious about Freedom Wars.

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Freedom Wars is great atmosphere; it’s the funny side of 1984. The action game felt overcomplicated and less clear than Soul Sacrifice (which also has great style). Both worth dipping into for sub-$15 just for style.

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why buy Freedom Wars now when you can buy Sword Art Online: Freedom Wars 2 in a couple of months

Tearaway feels more like they looked at the Vita and went to work around it, which is why there’s a bunch of silly “smack the underside of your Vita because we’re not letting you jump yet” during that first half hour

it’s also still probably one of the best looking portable games made and the PS4 port feels off running at 60 fps instead of a more papercraft-y cartoon looking lower framerate

speaking of, that’s kind of the narrative with the Vita: most of its good exclusives have freed themselves from their portable bondage and gotten console ports and it turns out that, no, they probably should have been console titles to begin with

On those sequels to 999.

Virtues Last Reward is okay but it is I told you that story so I could tell you This story and Zero Time Dilemma has just about the worst twist of anything I have ever played. So it is build up to disgusting payoff and not in a good way at all.

999 was built for the DS and I cant imagine the ports or the visual novel ios have the top 10 of all time punchline. The final boss of the DS.


I was a big fan of 999 and I am fully prepared for it to all snowball downhill. I went through Ever17, I can survive anything.

donate to my patreon so I can stream all the zero escape games and have a mental breakdown live on the internet


now you’ve piqued my interest, a mobile Thunderforce 4 station that can do PSX games?..

just theoretically speaking, any special hw revisions or versions that won’t support hacking this thing to shreds and putting the right kind of gaming on there?

yo it has shiren 5

that’s plenty enough game


I have a lot of actual reasons why I want to properly reconcile things with my ex-partner, but it’d be dishonest for me to say that one of those reasons isn’t so I can ask them for my vita back. With that said, I wouldn’t be sad to never get it back cos there’s something really joyous about that system which is kind of related to why I don’t have it in my possession anymore: It had such a strange software lineup of “why wouldn’t we put it on here?” ports coupled with a pretty coherent and cosy hardware design, such that when a time came when someone I cared about needed somewhere to escape to I could buy a remaster/port of a game they played in their youth and just hand the console over to them.


I bought Soul Sacrifice Delta on launch day in Akiba and they gave me a sweet art book. Really good aesthetic in that game and it’s probably the best Not Monster Hunter on the Vita.

If we all pitch in a few bucks, we might be able to afford to purchase a Vita memory card by sometime next year


there’s apparently an sd card adaptor now? i got my vita preowned with a 16gb memory card for £60 2 years ago, so it’s never been a problem for me lol

i should have gotten the handheld, but I got a pstv for $20, and the memory card wasn’t too bad. I mostly play EDF 2 on it, which was great to play in English. That was one of my go to PSP games forever. ALso Dissidia looks so good and crisp. I also played the new shantae on it which was a good game I guess, but them cards fill up fast! Freedom Wars was a cool $5 purchase as well

let’s be honest with ourselves

we’re just waiting for Spike to port it to PC