The Ninja Warriors Once Again


Ah man now I kinda want to play this


looks like they gave Yaksha the same bombs they gave Kunoichi


Every time I scroll by and see INCROYABLE I have to say it out loud


The Ninja Warriors are back!
The cult classic will return for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on 30. August 2019!

Recreate the golden era of 90s arcade games with TAITO’s impressive reboot of one of the best Japanese side-scrolling beat-em-up games of all time!

In this classic arcade masterpiece you’ll assume the role of one of five android ninjas to take on the tyrant Banglar and his henchmen. Armed with diamond sharp steel, the Ninjas turn their bodies into raging cyclones – leaping, kicking, and slashing through wave after wave of enemies in a dystopian future.

Guess we have to hold out another month.


that’s some quitter talk right there


It’s unclear to me if this is about the physical edition or extends to the digital release to, suppose we’ll find out soon enough; trophy lists are showing up online.


it seemingly does for the ININ release by maybe not for the Strictly Limited Release, which has always had a July release date (and may very well be a clone of the SEA release)


what do ININ and SEA mean?


ININ is the Western pub

SEA is Southeast Asia, where a physical release is out next week alongside the digital launch

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wow the updated music actually owns


catching people in here who didn’t play Wild Guns Reloaded



me, the genius: heh, I’ll just grab a 3000y eShop card

eShop: the game’s 3024y, galaxy brain


Just played the switch Arcade Archives version and I’m disappointed in this game. It is… not very good. Your ninja walks so slowly that the long levels become quite tedious. Your moveset is quite limited as well. This game sorely needs a dash. The graphics and sound are great though.

Taito, can we just get Elevator Action Returns Again already?

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thats the prequel to this one


Ah, I see. Seems that the gameplay was “heavily modified” in the sequel/snes version.


Echoing this.


The Ninja Warriorsn but againn is a sequel


an update: i was/am foolish. the solution: 480x270 set the horizontal scale to 100, it looks perfect.

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it out

it good

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I thought the definitive version of the original was the SNES port? I don’t know where I remember hearing that but I remember hearing that.

The snes version was great, IMO.