The Ninja Warriors Once Again


Natsume is remastering The Ninjawarriors Again in the same style as 2016’s Wild Guns: Reloaded, and I’m excited for it. It’ll be playable at TGS this month.


holy shit


wow it’s pretty and im super exciteddd

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GOTY 2019



The Ninja Warriors [a] is a beat 'em up video game developed by Natsume and released for the Super NES in 1994.

Kunoichi on 24 years hrt.


well, where else do you expect them to hide the bombs


this will be the best


I still haven’t come down from my hype this morning. I really like the 1994 game but TNWOA looks like a hypothetical arcade game that the SNES title was downported from.


Yeah, exactly my thoughts when playing Wild Guns. These guys get it, I bet they are fun at parties, hopefully they get to keep making more.


since I saw you posting about it, please tell me you’ve tried to run Reloaded at 240p


forgive me :pray:

Hopping on the hype train seems like a pretty good excuse to pick up the steam version, now, though.


Having attempted for the past couple hours to get Wild Arms Reloaded outputting perfectly, I think I have come to the conclusion: ain’t gonna work perfect. I think that although the assets seem to be created at 1/3 of it’s native 720p - some things seem to be positioned on the 720 grid rather than the 240, so some stuff like text in the “look out” popups and the hud, the top of “SALOON” banner on the left edge of the first stage, get distorted. Tried a bunch of other weird resolutions and window resizer apps to see if there was something else weird going on with how they’re scaling it in Unity - and maybe there is + a solution, but I can’t figure it.

I haven’t really played for real, but there didn’t seem to be any shimmering artifacts to the scrolling, so it could be good enough to play anyway. Might just be better off running it at 720p with fake scanlines if possible (my display can’t sync past 600).


Oh wow, Ninja Warriors Once Again in the west is gonna be called Ninja Saviors Once Again, presumably cuz that fitness obstacle course reality show owns the Ninja Warrior trademark.

They should lean into it and call it Hero Saviors Once Again in Europe and edit Ninja’s nunchuck sprites.


They should also be sure to release the game on PC.


Wild Guns Reloaded made it to PC so here’s hoping!



If y’all want goty 2k19 you gotta pay the switch tax

Or I guess wait a year


I’d be surprised if they decided to stop that trend now with Steam and PS4 at least.


did i already post daddy mulk

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i’m so happy that this is happening and have been anticipating it since they announced it a while back.

that trailer is beautiful