The Mountain Goats Appreciation Station


All Hail West Texas and go forward from there. If you get hooked enough, go back and check out his older stuff.


Lovecraft in Brooklyn is by far and away my favorite TMG song and has been for a couple years. showcases darnielle’s emotional range, the use of strings is brilliant, and the lyrics speak to the angsty neurotic paranoid shut-in within me.

Heretic Pride is a great album in general, and also maybe the farthest from their usual lo-fi acoustic style? i haven’t listened to all their stuff yet though

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yeah of the recent poppier ones heretic pride is real good


i also like TMG’s harder/more dissonant/grungier stuff the most, which that album is a good showcase of. it’s a pretty unique sound? closest thing i can think of from another band is radiohead’s Climbing Up the Walls

my music tastes are pretty basic as people have probably realized by now

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Hey how the fuck have i not posted this

dude doesn’t play this song anymore for reasons i immensely respect (basically it romanticizes a gross, violent stalker) but this recording is just fucking incredible and has some of Darnielle’s best vocals.

Also that cover pic of young Darnielle/Hughes is straight adorbs.

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been listening to Goths all day in preparation

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I still haven’t listened to the new album, but the all eternals deck tour here was fantastic. he played both this year and no children and the crowd went nuts

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i heard this track for the first time in my friend’s car the other night and oh my god

kinda disappointed the other songs are more gentle mountain goats fare


i ended up really enjoying how gentle and sweet that album is, but i can’t help but agree a little. It was as utterly rad played live as i hoped it would be

Speaking of, the show was fun as hell! Theyre a lot of fun to watch live, Darnielle in particular spent half the show running circles around the stage with a hilarious “LOOK MA I’M PLAYING GUITAR!!” grin on his face. he explicitly said there would be less banter because of House of Blues’ “tight curfew” but still told a couple of funny pre-song stories

when they came out for the encore he said “you were this close to getting something everybody would like, but instead we’re going to play one for the hardcore fans” and then they busted out

which is pretty sick
(Still concluded w/ “This Year” though because who can resist a crowd-pleaser)


I’m also a huge fan of these guys/this guy. I’ve read both of his novels (of the two, Wolf in White Van is vastly superior, but Universal Harvester is still worth reading). I’m going to be contrary and post an Extra Glenns song, because they are basically Mountain Goats Gaiden.

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yeah both novels are great and very mountain goats esque


timely revival, im doing a discog deep dive for the first time in, god, 5 years?

Lots of good stuff i forgot about, and even a few things i missed like uh


Sometimes you’re a starling
Sometimes you’re a kite
You’re a hyena from early to mid afternoon
You’re a stray dog at night

It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen
How you will not act like a human being

When you put on your special coat
And you made your special lunge for my throat
Between you and me
It was—it was really exciting

It’s the most alarming thing I’ve ever seen
How you will not act like a human being
It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen
How you refuse to act like a human being
In the starlight (x8)



hell yeah

most translators are deeply well-read & have fun tastes, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was a direct inspiration