The Moon Fields


Yeah, I was wondering if that caused any issues since rotation direction is important for you. So hearing that it seems ok is interesting.


Two more maps. I now have lighting for Dusk and Dawn in addition to the Day and Night lighting from before. Each scene is currently hand lit, but I think with these 4 points I’d be interested in doing a full blown Day/Night cycle. It won’t be very useful for multiplayer, but it’ll add a lot of interest to the single player.


Added a dynamic stage select. It needs sound FX and a few tweaks, but I’m pretty happy with how it looks.


Having a hell of a time figuring out how to do this clocktower level. I think this is a good layout for the gears, but I don’t know what to put around them, how I can make it asymmetrical but fair, and deal with the information behind gears (fill it up w/ space?). I’m also not 100% on how to figure out if you get squished between gears.

But I do like looking at those gears turn.


I recently found out twitter GIF size is 506x506 so I’ve been going a little crazy with the GIFs. Using Screen2GIF it’s ~125 frames for the large GIF, and ~450 frames for the smaller GIFs. Obviously some are clearer than others. Sorry for the filesize, just pretty excited!



I need to get some video of a good match on that cloud gear level, but this will do for now



I also got some video from the Cloud Gears stage


I don’t know how to represent the south wall. It needs to be 6m tall to block movement, but representing it straight with this visual style occcludes a lot of walkable space. If anyone has ideas I’m all ears otherwise I gotta think on it for a bit


Maybe you need some kind of partially transparent wall, like a force field or something. Dunno if it fits w/ the style of your level.

Alternatively you could make some sort of effect by which you can see players through the wall, but that doesn’t really help them see where they can go, it only really solves the problem of people being able to hide behind it.


If the shadow-casting light is moved down, can you get the shadow from the wall to draw on the ground and the trees? Extending the height of the wall (while pushing its collider out to compensate…I’m not sure how much people walking behind occluding objects is ok in your world) may help, to a degree.


I didn’t do exactly what you said, but I think this helps a lot

I think I’m going to make a “ground cutout” texture that looks like rocks or dirt or something that makes it seem like you just took a sawzall and cut the top 5m of that wall. I know that it’s possible that it could look like a shadow from an even taller wall off camera, but I think it works enough. I also think this is the kind of weird visual trick I’m into that can imply that it’s possible to jump down from a cliff like that. I thinkI can script something where you jump north off a cliff and then the cliff disappears and turns into something like this.


I think what your new image needs is for the elevated wall to be in the light and create contrast with the ground beneath it.

You could also fake it with a shadow texture, old-school style:


always loved how hideous the “1/2” perk is in the LttP UI

I remember when I first played it as a kid and I was like “are they really gonna leave that there?”


I didn’t make it “in the light” but I did give it contrast from the grass by being a rockface like the top of it was just cut off.


That might read. You probably need to give the surface texture so it doesn’t look like a blank polygon face.


Any reason it couldn’t be a craiggy, jagged rockface?

Tile generation blocking that? That could be gotten around, surely?


Hey guys! I’m hosting weekly Parsec developer nights. That means I play The Moon Fields w/ folks on Sunday nights, and the first Sunday night for it is this Sunday. All you have to do is get Parsec and search for parties playing The Moon Fields, and you’ll find me. If you’re interested in the game at all, I’d appreciate a signal boost at least, but if you wanna come hang out and play (or even host a game) that’d be super sick.

7pm Sundays, aka 7pm Tonight


The Moon Fields on parsec 7PM tonight!