The Moon Fields


I was grabbing something of Itch and this appeared in the recommended games : )




If @thecatamites is posting their holiday sale and my game is my personal family/friends holiday game, I guess I should too. Half off happy smash-your-friends-in-the-face and eat too much holiday.



Love seeing more stuff. The moonlit graves are nice; do spooky ghosts come out if you break them? (I guess they didn’t mind the tipped-over graves in the corners). I like the rock sculpting.

can you jump over the pit to the recesses? It’s not clear from looking at it, and the space around the staircase looks similarly vaguely gameplay-ish.

Those blocks in the recessed nooks are prime for more decorative elements, I think. Hmm, and you could mess with the location of the light source – maybe it’s coming from the pit, or the recesses hold sconces with torches. Because I see both closed doors I don’t understand the light source here.


Thanks. The graves don’t do anything. The hot action is in the hiding spots the grass/flowers/trees afford you. Caltrops or other traps do pretty well in all that shrubbery. I sometimes wonder how Smash Bros wacky I want to make the multiplayer, but currently the answer is shenanigans happen from weapon interactions.

As far as The Pit stage goes: you can jump from the upper walkways down to the main dueling lane. The stage is supposed to emphasize maximizing Forehand/Backhand/Straight attacks. E.g. if your main melee weapon’s Tilt attack is a Forehand, you have to be wary of chasing someone counterclockwise around the top area or you’ll eat wall. Jumping into the middle catwalk solves that problem because the spikes are low. Also this:

*The slowdown is just in the editor. I need a dGPU pretty bad

I think you’re right that I need more decorative elements and/or light sources. In game the light source is just way above the stage in the middle, but that’s because it works and not because it fits the scene.


ahaha, I love trolling kills



Sup ya’ll


Congratulations! You’re on the real indie hype train now! The game’s really looking fantastic.


Lol they play in lo res mode. I needs to fix that


In all fairness, it looks pretty fuckin fantastic in low res.


I just played The Moon Fields over the internet and it was good


So there’s this program/service called Parsec. I have been using it to play The Moon Fields online. I probably spent about 5 hours playing it. The latency is - I’m guessing - <3frames over the net. It seemed to be just as effective as running it over the LAN from my old PC. I wrote a mini-review on if anyone is interested in more. Tldr; Parsec is totally playable and exciting. I want some more playtests online to see how other people feel, but the four of us thought it was totally playable already.


This is what Parsec is like between Milwaukee and Dallas.


If any of ya’ll are going to GDC, come check me out.


I’m at IndieMEGABOOTH for both GDC and PAXEast. Also the game is on sale while I travel because I want players to git gud and shit before I play them w/ the arcade sticks I’m buying. Sooooo let’s do this!



"Hey Austin,

I haven’t seen you wrestle lately, but I have seen you rock Windjammers. I feel like you’re into weird awesome competitive games, and I think The Moon Fields would be something you’d be into. It’s an analog, overhead, highly customizable combat game. It’s super retro - it looks like Zelda pumped through a modern graphics card. There’s a huge emphasis on spatial control and footsies. You can customize your character to be more dependent on resource management or you can focus your character down to be all about getting in and dealing damage. It can run competitive 1v1 or teams or it can be a battle royale game with FFA for up to 8 players.

If you’re at GDC I’ll be at the Indie MEGABOOTH Wednesday through Friday. Please pop in. I’d love to hear what you have to say about it or, uh, photo op. Rad, thanks."

Austin, if you’re a secret SBro, please come to the GDC Indie MEGABOOTH and hang. Also, since it was actually Brian Terwilliger’s email and I don’t know him and he sounds like he’s there to screen your messages: