the giant in the shrine

is the title of the sixth stage in capcom’s 1991 arcade game king of dragons. also, it looks really nice



I like that the giant gets marble columns in his section of the shrine, the rest of the joint just has regular stone. I’m down with the specificity of this thread, more of these and less mega-threads!

Those blue bricks with the white light shining from below are real nice.

When will we see the pixel maximalism of late 80’s early 90’s beatemup resurgence.

There’s a serious dearth of pixel art craftsmanship these days. It’s going the way of traditional cel animation.

The only segment that cares about making pixel art games (indies) seem mostly content with amateurish spaghetti-limbed creatures and ultra low, below-handheld resolutions (can’t blame 'em, tbh)

and there are really great pixel artists around, but nobody’s hiring them to make games

or maybe, just maybe they dislike how work is done in gaming-world?

(much like a CS engineer can have varying experiences in, say, google, [enter-fav-exploiter-company-here], IBM or facebook)

reviving this thread just because i got capcom beat em up bundle a few days ago, and king of dragons is still awesome
maybe even better than the over-complicated dungeons and dragons beat em ups?


I’ve always felt that way, King of Dragons is like Basic compared to Advanced D&D, all those bells and whistles just wind up detracting from the core experience.


It almost feels like they figured the more complexities introduced allows them to be more unfair about their credit feeding practices. King of Dragons is simple enough to let you master the combat loop within a few plays and is a better progression for it.

King of Dragons is better than Golden Axe

That’s my hot take, I won’t be answering questions at this time thank you

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It’s just true tho.

As someone who has single life cleared Genesis Golden Axe in his youth numerous times I still agree with this tepid take.


I guess I should shore that up with some content. Golden Axe is almost too simple and has only environmental progression of some note. You get to ride on the back of a giant eagle while fighting off skeletons and other weird warriors, sometimes enormous statues come alive and attack you after navigating a precarious path wrought with pitfalls. But it will be the same again and again.

King of Dragons has the character sprites change as your equipment levels up! There’s more incentive to try out other characters to see what they end up looking like rather than straight up beating the game, which does wonders for casual replayability.

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Here’s my abnormal beat’em’up take: The fantasy ones sort of suck because bonking half-naked bad guys with giant foam swords and axes is unsatisfying.

Spartan Total Warrior or bust