The Death Of The Corpse Wizard LAUNCH PARTY!

This is good. Love the lore scrolls. The arcane ambiguity of everything is both a blessing and a curse. I was initially put off by the graphics, but then I started to really like them just as they are. I do still catch myself trying to tap the arrows that pop up when casting a spell.

I think it should be pretty easy to make it possible to tap the arrows.

How many turns have you survived? There are a fair number of different monster types, introduced every 100 turns.

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i think i saw young toups posting about this being done?


We soft launched it, meaning you can get it on iOS and Itch, but the iOS version’s audio is temporarily unavailable.

I removed lore scrolls, since I decided I was a bad writer, but I might put them back in in a future version.

Hey all,

Just officially want to “launch” Corpse Wizard. What that means is that its available on iOS, Android, OSX, Windows and Linuxes.


App Store
Play Store

Anyone who wants a key for the Desktop version can have one - just DM me or whatever people call it around here.

I’ve been working on this game for a long time. I think it isn’t totally bad. If you have fun, please let me know.


Aceeeeeeeeeeee. Grabbing the Android one now!

Someone messaged me on itch to say that this game has become their “minesweeper.” They also reported some bugs.

I just compiled it for the first time on my new linux machine, but the idea of doing serious bug maintenance in the Scheme codebase at this stage in my life is terrifying. I’m experimenting with porting the game over to Godot in hopes that it will be more maintainable in the long run.

It is sick, I know.



Don’t get me wrong, I still love programming in Scheme and loathe the idea of writing in the absurd Godot Scripting language, which is a combination of everything I hate about Python and old crusty monster languages, but the problem with Lambdanative is that I was pretty much responsible for the entire stack of the game, from rendering up to gameplay. Its not an easy system to debug, especially on the portable platforms.

At least if I use Godot someone else will be responsible for the majority of the platform.