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Okay just finished binge-watching it. Overall loved it, but, was also high as sin for most of it and definitely got less great the more sober I got.

Ending was pretty unsatisfying and cliffhangery, just like the first season’s was. Don’t super care for the Lint stuff this time around, either. There’s a few character holdovers from S1 that I find a little baffling.

I really loved anything with Sage the Supernumerary and Flexon - that is this show at its best. I think their team-up in the sewers was my favorite part to date, it was very much straight out of the old cartoon. All the Tyrannosaurus Rathbone story stuff was delightful.


Oh shit


wasn’t worth it he was onscreen for five whole seconds and standing still so it looked fine

the whole episode batman was zooming around in the background and everyone kept saying “where’s bruce? whoa who’s this ninja man over there to the left”

jim gordon had his mustache for the first minute of the episode and immediately shaved it off

the put the guy who plays penguin in a really poorly made fatsuit and like he just stuffed a pillow under his shirt

they ain’t even bring back the hit jada pinkett smith character “fish mooney”

was very glad to have watched the first episode and last episode of this show and experience the rest through osmosis/wiki reading/random youtube clips

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I can honestly say this is the only show that I’ve stopped enjoying after they stopped producing it in Vancouver


Doom Patrol continues to be absolutely delightful. Again, the casting is superb and I love the risks they take again and again. The one with Culder’s backstory was so fucking weird and wonderful it felt like an Outer Limits episode or something.

The Bureau of Normalcy as bad guys are a litttttle meh? For me? It’s very comic-bookey and fun, just, it clashes with the notion that they were doing a more substantial story arc. Suddenly there’s just the anti-Doom Patrol, who arrive and are just cartoonishly, generically evil.

I’m also really not into this edgy Cyborg storyline, which was my biggest fear when he entered the series, and continues to be one of the weaker sides of the show. Joivan Wade is great, Phil Morris is perfect (particularly in the latest ep), just, man, what is the point of these storylines when a character thinks they’re crazy, but it turns out it’s just like an alien or a ghost or something supernatural? Cyborg killing his own father because of a completely false memory Mr. Nobody put into his head is moronic. Why wouldn’t he just straight-up mind-control Cyborg at that point? Might as well.

Anyways, still love it, still full of great character moments and fun, weird-ass shit.

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whoa is that Lauren from Terrace House: Aloha State?

edit: confirmed Lauren Tsai spotting

(she was just an 18-year-old aspiring artist/model from Massachusetts when she failed to fall in love with a sweet, soft ukulele boy and left him to eat an entire fish by himself on that show, so this is fairly surprising)


What went wrong with season 2? I only saw season 1, and season 1 ruled.


it really did!

uh, short list:

  • way too much convoluted 90s comic book style plotting; the first season was surreal and inventive but not in a way that ever required you to trust that they’d connect what was happening from scene to scene several episodes later, and the second really overindulged
  • farouk is incredibly hammy and not really in a good way and not nearly as scary compelling as aubrey plaza
  • they do a lot of needlessly horrible shit to the characters (especially syd and amy and lenny) without really justifying much of it narratively
  • jemaine clement chews up too much of the scenery
  • it feels a lot harsher without the forested sets

I was blown away by the first season and didn’t like the second very much at all


The first time I recognized a YouTube Star on a Real Professional Television Commercial I was on my way between mine and my friends’ adjoining hotel rooms in Fresno (we were there for a wedding) and I had to sit down on the carpet and think about things for a while.


also just for emphasis now that I’m thinking about it, legon s1 actually had some of my very favourite “can I ever be good again” moments of any recent work I can think of, and I really missed that in 2


um. hm.

Well, it can’t be worse than Zack Snyder.


I share the numbness for s2 of legion but s3 is apparently the last one and xavier is a character now so let’s a go


Wh- a GIRL BATMAN?!?!?!



I heard it wasn’t that great but I loved her design and vibe from the comic solely based on the art and paneling. This show should replicate using her flowing hair and cape to transition between scenes.


Looks to me like they’re being evocative of the original BTAS trade dress aesthetics, which is a pretty daring thing to directly compare yourself to.

I do know I am vastly more interested in a batwoman show on paper than most of the other DC TV show characters, especially if she’s still lesbian like the comics.


it blows my mind that weve gone from the justice league on smallville being assembled teenagers in hot topic superhero hoodies to this

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