The Book of Megadrive Podcast Begins (THE FIRST EPISODE IS OUT NOW!)


Edit: You can listen to the cast now! You can download episode zero here:

Original Post:
It’s been a long time coming, y’all, but today I can finally reveal The Book of Megadrive the brand new SNEXploration squad spinoff covering the main rival of the SNES! The Sega Genesis/Megadrive! We deep dive into the world of 16-bit Sega and beyond!

Like a lot of folks on SB, I’ve been dissatisfied by the state of mainstream gaming coverage of Sega history. Even though there’s probably more attention on Sega now than there has been in years, I feel there’s still lots of room to explore this titan of gaming history.

And besides, I need a space to gush about Crusade of Centy.

My initial crew of MegaDrivers are all SNEXploration Squad veterans, who have shaped and advised this project from the beginning. More than a few folks on Snexcast have been wanting to focus on sega games for a while.

Like all good spinoffs, this is more than just a relocation, there are new categories, new features, more frequent MegaDriver’s choice episodes open to the entire spectrum of retro sega that we can get our hands on! This cast will explore the Master System, Saturn, and Dreamcast too!

This is still an evolving idea, and it will surely mutate as we go along.

(Full disclosure: This is a pilot for the project. I want to see if I can actually do this on a semi-regular schedule.)

Much like Snexploration squad, I have a list of randomly generated Genesis games. The MegaGods gave me three, and you get to pick which one you want us to play! Read the descriptions, stare at the screenshots, and scroll down to the next post to vote:

Exo Squad

Based on the popular cartoon, the game follows three of the main characters of the show- J.T. Marsh, Wolf Bronski, and Rita Torres- before the events of the show actually take place. Each character has unique game play styles and objectives, although they fall into action gameplay stereotypes. The game animates and plays very similarly to a another Novotrade game for the Genesis, Cyborg Justice, and has gameplay elements of both that and Sega arcade classic After Burner.

Aero The Acrobat

A spoiled, rich kid named Edgar Ektor was a regular attendant at The World of Amusement Circus and Funpark, but was banned after a failed prank that almost killed a lion. Twenty years later, Edgar became a powerful and evil industrialist. Aided by Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel and his Psycho Circus gang, Edgar sabotages the funpark and kidnaps all the circus performers. Aero the Acro-Bat is the circus’ greatest star and the only hope for rescuing the performers (including his girlfriend Aeriel) and putting a stop to Edgar’s evil schemes.

The levels play out in typical 2D platforming style but in order to clear levels, the player must accomplish certain tasks so that the exit warp can be revealed. Those tasks include passing through hoops, stepping on platforms until they disappear, ride roller coasters, etc. There are 4 worlds with 5 levels in each one, and the levels are large, many of them containing awkwardly positioned spikes that kill instantly.

Mr Nutz

Mr. Nutz features the eponymous squirrel hero as he attempts to foil the evil yeti Mr. Blizzard, who threatens to freeze the world and turn it into his own winter wonderland.

Mr. Nutz has multiple weapons to use against enemies: he can jump on them, hit them with a swipe of his tail or throw nuts at them. Nuts can be collected throughout the stages, along with various other collectibles.

  • ExoSquad
  • Aero the Acro-Bat
  • Mr. Nutz

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Hardu starting VOOOOTE

I know Aero pretty well so there’s past experience, EXO Squad was pretty badass as a series, and Mr. Nutz guarantees much, easily.

I’ll cast mine tomorrow. This requires meditated deliberation.


Exosquad is the only one that is a sega original.


May the spirit of The Virtuacast be with you!


Mister Nutz was great on the game boy so I have no doubt this version is also amazing.


Exosquad can also lead to people talking about the show, which was something else.


I am so looking forward to this!

I voted for Mr. Nuts, but Exosquad also looks rad.


Boy NOBODY gives a shit about Aero do they?


I thought it was a fun platformer, some ancient weekend.

Now if Spike McFang had been on the MD/Gen…


No Aero, know peace.

Know Aero, no peace.


If it does turn out to be Exo Squad I will definitely do an Exo Squad screening night.

…and if it doesn’t I’ll add some episodes to Kid’s Club someday anyway.


is there podcast art yet, i got inspired by the name

the holy text motif


Oh, uh, no. There is no podcast art yet and that’s amazing. o.o


Mr Nutz reminds me way too much of Skunny from Save Our Pizzas.
Between those two and pre-Bad Fur Day Conker, what was up with all the squeaky squirrel mascots of the 90s?


Between Chip & Dale and Alvin & The Chipmunks… I think you might see why.


Chipmunks aren’t squirrels!


There’s a few more hours left before voting closes if anyone hasn’t voted yet that wants to.


It’s gonna be Exo Squad! Time to put down a labor revolt with powered armor.


If y’all need a guest panelist any time, you’ve got a Virtuacast alumnus and 2612fiend who’s super keen right here o/