The Book of Megadrive Episode Zero: Exo Squad is Here! (vote on our next game too!)


The Book of Megadrive, Select Button’s premiere genesis exploration podcast, has released it’s first episode! Everybody voted for Exo Squad, which turned out to be a great opportunity to discuss the portrayal of stand ins for oppressed groups in fiction, and the perils thereof!

SNEXploration Gaiden: The Book of Megadrive Episode Zero: Exo Squad

In this premier episode of The Book of Megadrive, our team of radical mega drivers explores a previously uncharted frontier: Sega. Our first intrepid adventure is licensed action game Exo Squad, based on the cult ‘classic’ cartoon of the same name.

In this episode we discuss space racism in cartoons for children, Martian labor rights, time crime, birthing chambers, motion sickness, high-top fades, and of course, pressing left to crouch.
Starring: Automatic Tiger, Meuxdal, Ramona, Rudie and Shrug!

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But the reading from the Book of Megadrive is never done, we need to ask you what the next game we will play through shall be

Our next slate of games are:

Radical Rex

Radical Rex is a side-scrolling platformer that borrows elements from Adventure Island and Sonic the Hedgehog. Beam Software developed the game for the SNES, Genesis and Sega CD. Rex can disable enemies with his roar and firebreath, as well as use skateboards and other tools.

The goal of the game is to rescue other dinosaurs affected by the spells of Sethron, a malevolent human shaman. In the two Sega versions, Sethron is replaced with a mammalian creature named Scritch.

Langrisser II

Der Langrisser was one of the first Tactical RPGs to allow the player a choice of story paths. Depending on the player’s choices, the protagonist of the game, Erwin, can switch allegiances between three factions: the Descendants of Light, the Rayguard Empire, and the Demon Tribe. Alternatively, he can choose to create his own faction in opposition to the other three.

Erwin begins the game on the side of the Descendants of Light, fighting against the Rayguard Empire, which has enlisted the aid of the Dark Lord Böser in the interest of unifying the continent and putting an end to the wars which plague it, unaware that Böser is chiefly responsible for the conflicts. To unify the continent, the Empire needs the power of the two legendary swords, Alhazard and its anti-type, Langrisser. Determined that the two swords should not serve one master, the Descendants of Light, led by Jessica, pledge to stop the Empire from finding Langrisser. Erwin commits to discovering Langrisser before the Empire.

Undead Line

Vertical SHMUP from T&ESOFT released in Japan for the MSX-2, the Sharp X68k & the SEGA Megadrive. Notable as one of the ‘Big 5’ Megadrive shooters never to leave Japan and infamous for it’s high-level of difficulty, UndeadLine has garnered a reputation as one of the most challenging and collectable vertical shooters from it’s era.

Fight hordes of monsters. Navigate challenging gauntlets of haunted houses, graveyards, and dark grottoes. Use weapons like axes, boomerangs and a even a baby dragon.

Vote below!

  • Radical Rex
  • Langrisser II
  • Undead Line

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suddenly “GundeadliGne” makes sense


Poor Radical Rex

I remember playing that and realising that it used the same background graphics as Boogerman in some levels




I know it won’t win but I voted for radical rex bc it’s by krome studios Melbourne which is v interesting to me, at least


I see all you monsters that are on the side of the grave wanting ghouls to remain unblasted, etc. :waynestare:


Really? I didn’t think Krome Studio existed back then, let alone the Melbourne branch (which I thought was originally Melbourne House until Krome bought them out in the 00’s?)


Oh yeah they were called beam software back when radical rex was made, and then Melbourne House, and the krome studios Melbourne


i accidentally voted for langrisser because

but undead line seems wicked.