The Book of Megadrive Episode 5: Pocahontas

We did it again. There’s another episode this time about DISNEY bullshit. We don’t like it anymore than you do.

Just in time (and by just in time we mean several months late) for the launch of Disney Plus, the Megadrivers explore a movie that’s aged as well as milk: Pocahontas. Disney’s historical revisionism collides with cinematic platforming in a uniquely terrible mix that leaves all of us feeling uncomfortable.

Subjects discussed include: The Sapir-Worf hypothesis, Karl May (again), Colonialism, Flashback, the Disney Corporation, Fecundity (again), and SWIMP.

Now that Pocahontas is finally out of the way, we’re going to move onto SHADOW DANCER: THE SECRET OF SHINOBI next. Whoo! That should be cool!

And what’s after Shadow Dancer? Well, bluntly, it’s going to be weird no matter what. Here’s your choices:

Huey’s Adventure

Hugh Thompson (Japanese: ヒューイ・リーン (Hyūi Lean or Huey Reane)) is a scholar in biology at Motavia University. He’s called in by the University president to investigate an incident involving an energy-sapping plant creature roaming the campus, feeding itself on electricity and steadily growing larger in the process. After the creature spreads itself through the college’s reactor over to the main energy center, threatening to deprive the entire town of Kvarts of its electricity, Hugh sets out to try and stop it. This adventure is what eventually drives Hugh to adapt his knowledge of anatomy to combat biomonsters, in the aid of Rolf in Phantasy Star II.
Each of the Phantasy Star II Text Adventure games had identical gameplay mechanics which were. On the screen are small graphics showing an on-screen event as well as a textual description of it. The player can progress through the game using the “Move”, “Look”, “Take”, “Use”, and “Drop” commands. The player also has HP, which factors into battle sequences, and MST (Meseta), currency used in shops. -Sega Retro

Brave Battle Saga (AKA Barver Battle Saga)

This world was once a civilization brought together by magic and technology.

As civilization advanced, those who possessed the power of technology and magic segregated due to their differences in ideas and formed two separate societies of humans and demons.

The human race continued to develop their civilization with technology, while the demons started to construct their own society with magic.

This balance did not hold for very long, however, and technology was gradually replacing magic.

Soon afterwards, an ultimate weapon from the technological civilization appeared, and in an ironic twist of fate, lost control and destroyed the whole world, along with all civilization therein.

Nearly a thousand years have gone by without incident, until one day the ancient technology lying deep within the Earth was excavated.

Mankind was once again on its way to committing the same mistakes of the past…

Since long ago, the world has stood by four mysterious temples controlling the forces of nature, each protecting a kingdom.

The Cruz Kingdom governs the water with the Moon Temple. It paints a beautiful picture of a land covered in water.

The bold Galien Kingdom emerges as a tropical desert climate near the Sun Temple. It is a unified, intrepid kingdom.

In the polar regions is the Zak Empire. Its technical research has flourished with the power of the Star Temple.

The Lear Kingdom lies among a picturesque scenery protected by the Wind Temple. It is a matriarchal society.

The world was at peace, when suddenly demons from legend appeared throughout the land. Humanity panicked and was at a loss. What have the demons come for? What secrets do the temples hold? Just who is behind all of this? Who will see through this shrouded mystery?

Battle Saga - The Legend of the Magic Warrior is a Sega Genesis game that came out only in Taiwanese markets. It has been fully translated to English. The Game features great battle system, party system, spells, summons, and a turn based fighting engine. Enjoy over 40 hours of gameplay for only $4.99!

Shanghai II: The Dragon’s Eye

It’s…shanghai. But on Sega Genesis. The western World’s Favorite Thing to call Majong that isn’t actually Majong returns in sixteen glorious bits. Match tiles, get caught in a randomly generated stalemate. Wish you were playing the infinitely superior albeit much more obscure Ishido: the Way of Stone. You’ve played it. We’ve played it. Now we all have to confront this fact together.-Tigress



in the bonus stage just go all the way to the left and attack over and over you’ll get a perfect score

going to vote then listen now yayay

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Oh gosh, tough decision

On one hand an obscure Phantasy Star spinoff seems hard to pass up, but on the other we have Taiwanese RPG with ripped off Amano art


look solitaire mahjong actually has an intricate strategy for picking which pieces to match okay MAYBE I HAVE PLAYED TOO MUCH SOLITAIRE MAHJONG

Truly bold editting techinque for Tigress to leave in all of my extremely inappropriate Swimp talk.

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There’s gotta be some 90s geocities fansite out there called The Swimp Swamp

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Brave Battle saga won the vote, BTW.

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I bought it on steam