tell me about some j-rock maybe


oops forgot one


New Mass of The Fermenting Dregs EP released July 4th. “No New World”.

The last couple of songs are ehh, could have been made by any average Japanese band. But otherwise some good masudorei times to be had.

You an buy MP3 on Amazon!


Also, Chirinuruwowaka had another release (they have had one nearly every year, for awhile).

And it’s pretty damn good. The past two releases have been good. So they are on a bit of a roll. But this one might be top 3 for me, already. It’s a solid bunch of songs and mixing is better than usual for them.

There aren’t any full album links anywhere and the single is easily the worst song. I’m low on money so I haven’t imported it yet. But there is a decent m4a rip on jpopsuki.

Now on bandcamp!!

And new MV


Mass of The Fermenting Dregs doing another Canada tour, with Next Music From Tokyo. So, there should be a few other bands on tap.!/story.php?story_fbid=1116944505147278&id=550428521798882

*you can see the line up here

Somebody uploaded the tracks individually, to YouTube. I have linked them in order.

dir en grey’s new album has dropped.

balloon at dawn has really grabbed me lately.

here’s a song called “new sea”:

here’s an album if you liked that:


Elephant Gym, a solid math rock band from Taiwan, was on Audiotree recently:

I recommend checking out some of their albums. They have some fresh sounds for the genre, which has gotten a bit tired, IMO.

Chirinuruwowaka put out a new PV because they are releasing a new album May 10th. This marks their 10th release. Which means Yuu has written and recorded 21 albums of material, in about 19 years. (1 solo album. With Go!Go!7188: 8 original albums and two cover albums. And with Chirinuruwowaka: 9 original releases and 1 acoustic album. Although half of Chiriwaka’s aren’t full albums, at 6-7 tracks.)

The mood reminds me of the songs they did for those Atelier videogames. (I think they did 3 songs for that series)

Their last 3 releases have been good, if not great. So I’m hoping the trend continues.

Also, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Yuu holding a Les Paul.

BTW, I confused these guys with Mouse on The Keys. Which is kinda funny, due to the cartoon relationships between Elephants and mice! But i think my comments still stand, for Elephant Gym.

Mouse on The Keys leans more toward the post side of things. And with a jazzier flair.

Also, here is this year’s “Next Music From Tokyo” lineup and tour dates. “Next Music From Tokyo” is an annual Canadian tour for Japanese artists.

No big names this year. Maybe someone will become a new classic?!

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I think this is the first time Chirinuruwowaka has ever released 2 PVs for one album:

Yuu doing a solo acoustic of this song


Its been 17 years since their last live.

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y’all this song and video are really really good


maximum bubble